10 Major Hair Fall Reasons

It is very true that men are most probable to lose their hair as compared to women, frequently due to the male pattern hairlessness. But the hair fall problems are also very common in females and it is the most depressing situation. I am going to share about 10 major reasons for hair fall so by that you will be able to know about how to care for your hair. In numerous cases, there are so many ways to deal with the problem of both male and female hair fall. If you will care about these 10 major hair fall reasons than you will be surely able to get the healthy hair at any age.

1. Thyroid Problems

All those people who are suffering from the problem of thyroid might experience the hair fall issues. By getting the correct treatment to deal with the condition of thyroid will get your hormones level in the control and it will prevent your hair fall.

2. Pregnancy

At the time of pregnancy, so many women are experiencing hair fall issues because of instability if hormones.  but you do not need to be worry because this hair fall issue is only temporary you will surely get the healthy hair after this period.

3. Medication

Hair fall is might be the side effect of taking a number of medicines for any health problems. Too much consumption of vitamin A-based medication that will cause you the hair loss.

4. Alopecia

It is the medical term of hair fall, it might cause you the rapid reduction in your hair, make your hair thin and cause you the baldness. You need to take the proper medication if you are suffering from it.

5. Physical stress

All those people who usually take so much stress and remain depressed, they are mostly suffering from the mater of hair fall at an early age.

6. Emotional stress

Keep yourself away from all kind of emotional stress if you really love your hair. So you must not take a lot of pressure and try to keep calm at the time of stress.

7. Diet deficiency

If you will not be taking a proper diet that contains mineral, vitamin and protein than you will experience the rapid hair fall issues.

8. Extra hair care

By doing the extra hair care and using so much hair straightener will damage your hair roots and cause the hair to fall. Do not use the blow dryer frequently and other curling rods on your hair.

9. Chemicals shampoo

By applying the low-quality shampoo that is enriched with chemicals also the main reason of your hair fall. Try to use high-quality shampoo and must check the ingredients before you buy.

10. Ageing

It the most common reason for hair falls after the specific age you will experience the hair fall issues. Especially after going through the age of ’50s and 60’s you will notice that your hair started to get weak and become thinner.

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