10 Proven remedies for premature grey hair

There are many proven remedies to stop premature grey hair. But now a days the main topic of discussion is what are the causes of premature grey hair and how we can prevent it? There were times when grey hair was considered an alarming sign of old age. But today grey hair are more common among the young especially the teens. The drastically increasing incidents of grey hair among the youth is of cause and concern. There are multiple factors which lead to grey hair among the young people including stress and high levels of pollution. Let’s take a review of the causes and cure of premature grey hair:

Major Causes for Early Grey hair

  • Decreased production of the melanin pigment
  • Poor sleep and nutrition
  • Hectic living style
  • Deficiency of Vitamin B12,B9 and D3
  • Frequent uses of hair dyes containing Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Health problems
  • Smoking
  • Hereditary
  • Stress
  • Pollution
  • Ethnicity

Can premature grey hair be reversed?

There are many approved remedies for premature grey hair. In this article, we will discuss some of the proven and effective remedies.

Hair massage for premature grey hair

Proper massaging the scalp and oiling the hair is a proven remedy to prevent premature grey hair. The reason behind this is there is a pigment in hair known as the melanin which is responsible for the hair color. The increased melanin pigment leads to the increased production of hair follicles and increased production of hair. But if the hair didn’t get the proper message and oiling, the hair will start losing the melanin pigment and will ultimately become grey. The other reason behind is hair massage will also improve the blood circulation of the scalp and lead to increased production of hair follicles.

Healthy Lifestyle to reverse premature grey hair

Today we are living in a world where we suffer a lot of problems and stress in our daily routine and forget to take care of ourselves. This ultimately leads to poor nutrition and deficiency of vitamins and minerals which are necessary for the wellbeing of a human. If we talk specifically about hair then there are minerals such as Calcium, Zinc, Copper, and Iron which are essential for the hair pigment. Enhance your uptake of these minerals along with the protein in your diet.

Get enough vitamin B12, B9, and D3

Vitamin B12, B9, and D3 are essential for the hair nourishment. Take a diet rich in these vitamins to fulfill your nourishment such as meat, eggs, and dairy products, green vegetables, and seafood.

Quit smoking

Cigarette acts as a slow poison on the human body. It has no benefit but all adverse effects on the human body. One of which is the loss of hair pigment and premature grey hair. Quit smoking to regain healthy black hair again,

Anti-oxidants to reverse premature grey hair

Food rich in anti-oxidants maintain the hair pigment and prevent premature grey hair such as lentils, leafy vegetables, chicken, oyster etc.

Avoid Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are the major contributors to premature grey hair and lead to grey hair before time. Reduce your stress and anxiety to prevent that. Practice deep breathing exercises to minimize stress.

Use approved products on hair

Harsh shampoos and chemical agents are responsible for grey hair before time. Always use dermatologically approved products for hair. Use herbal shampoos rich in gooseberry.

Good Hygiene

Good hygiene is also a major factor in premature grey hair. Wash your hair frequently. Take good care of your scalp and prevent from dust and dandruff.

Resolve your health issues

Underlying health issues can be a cause of grey hair so resolve those issues. Especially get your thyroid levels checked which can also affect your hair.

Avoid hair dyes containing harsh chemical agents

Hair dyes can also contribute to loss of hair pigment so minimize the frequent use of hair dyes containing hydrogen peroxide to prevent loss of hair pigment

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