17 Highly Ranked Postgraduate Biotechnology Degrees in Australia

Biomedical, animal, and plant sciences have been combined to excel research in these fields. Biotechnology enhances life sciences to make advance progress which leads us to use this knowledge to create a safer environment for coming generations. Postgraduate degrees in Biotechnology offered by Australia universities vary on basis of duration and research aspects. Biotechnology master degrees are focused to create excellent minds who later work on life-changing innovations.

Postgraduate degree in Biotechnology can be completed in 2 years while studying full-time and in3 to 4 years when studying part-time.

Biotechnology Degrees in Australia

DegreeUniversityAnnual Fee AU$
Master of Biotechnology (Biomedical)The University of Adelaide40,500
Master of Biotechnology (Plant Biotechnology)The University of Adelaide40,500
Master of BiotechnologyRMIT University35,520
Master of BiotechnologyMacquarie University38,600
Master of BiotechnologyThe University of Queensland38,896
Master of biotechnologyAustralian National University43.680
Master of Biotechnology and BioinformaticsDeakin University34,600
Master of Science (Biotechnology)Swinburne University of Technology34,960
Master of Biotechnology and BioinformaticsLa Trobe University36,600
Master of BiotechnologyMonash University39,900
Master of Medical BiotechnologyUniversity of Wollongong Australia15,384 per session*
Master of Medical BiotechnologyUniversity of Technology Sydney57,600 (please check the link)
Master of Science (Food Science and Technology)Curtin University36,600
Master of BiotechnologyThe University of Melbourne40,960
Master of Science (Biological Sciences)Edith Cowan University32,000
Master of Science(Biotechnology Research)University of New South Wales40,080
Doctor of Philosophy(Biotechnology)University of New South Wales40,080