39 Businesses To Start With Zero or Little Investment

Our needs and wants have been so excelled that every one of us requires money excluding the regular income, we earn. luckily, there are some legit ways to make money with little to no effort. If you are looking for some successful business ideas that require zero or no investment then you are landed in the right place. We would acquaint you with phenomenal full time or part time income alternatives that meet all your income wants. Read the article thoroughly and you can have an idea of how to earn money with little to no money.

Content writing – business with no money

Getting paid with the writing job has never been so easier before. There are many platforms, where a writer can get paid from 10$-100$ per hour depending upon the experience and expertise of a writer.

Proficiency in one or any two languages is required to become a successful content writer. A person with bilingual experience can cash his talent as a translator. There are various platforms like fiverr.com, freelancers.com, upwork.com where you can earn handsome money and this business would literally require no money.

Online course or membership site

This business witnessing a high demand, where an individual buys and sells online courses and it helps to earn a passive income. Although it is a challenging task, if you somehow manage to produce an engaging, informative video, then it can be the source of continuous income for you. You should put a serious consideration in choosing the topic- must be one you are familiar with. Gather a substantial knowledge, so you can teach anyone with best methodologies and explanation from scratch. Making your video professionally should be your concern, it can be done by varied platforms like Camtasia.

A successful member site can be seen by Jon Morrow, he has set some examples and launched the online courses over the years. The other example is ShoutUniversity, who guides people about blogging and ways of earning money through blogging.

Blogging – business with little money

The business that needs low start-up funds to initiate – the concept of blogging is not an old school of thought. It requires a passion and a person can earn through it. There are many famous bloggers who started their business with little investment and sooner emerged as a successful blogger. At the start of 2014, there were more than 75.8 million word-press blogs in existence.  Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Clark, Pat Flynn, Rand Fishkin are the successful bloggers who will inspire you for the success.

Career counseling – business no money

Are you an influencer speaker and guide the people for better decision making, then this business is for you – that can be started at your home. Every year, there are many students, who are ambiguous and are in need of right counseling in choosing their career.  You can guide them with the bests alternative by knowing their interest, grades, and available career options. And also assist jobbers in finding better business or job alternatives. The business requires no money, but you should possess the knowledge of relevant field along with good communication skills. Having a degree in career counseling will be a plus.

E-commerce consulting

The world has become a global village; therefore, every small to the big enterprise may like to tap the internet audience as it increases their product and services by expanding the consumer reach. You can start the business with no money and can serve the individuals with your e-commerce service. The work is also synonymous with e-communication and e-marketing.

PTC sites

Business with no money at all – an opportunity where a person can earn just by clicking on the advertisements. It does not attract everyone as the initial earning is very slow, that gradually increases when you bring in the referrals. It is an easy task, and a person gets paid for every activity of his referral.

First aid training

First aid business can be operated as a part-time business, you can start it from your home. Today many companies, including housing may need first aid training for the employees. The job is for the individuals who have the expertise and can build networking with the clients. You can explore various sites, and videos that teach you free training lesson to be a good first aid trainer and starting a small business on your own.

Virtual grocery system

Online grocery delivery system has become a trending business with little investment. You don’t need to keep the inventory with you. Just simply get yourself registered with any retailer, and make a website with an online order system. You can advertise the product locally to get more customers and can have a commission or a fixed profit out of each sale.

Social media consultation

You will hardly find an individual, who does not use Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn. Social media consulting business is regarded as an ideal business with woman Entrepreneur that requires no investment at all. There are many small to large ventures that are willing to pay you to get the product and services of their social media platforms.

Security agency

Every business will like to have a security personnel either permanently or on a contract basis. You can start this profitable business with no money. Starting a security agency may need a little research and effort, and you can go with a successful business on your own.

Animation And 3D modeling

To give the product a visual appeal, many companies avail the services of an agency offering 3D modeling and animation. The work has been employed for varied reasons from product modeling, to visualization, E-learning content, architectural modeling, engineering visualization and so on. Though to be successful you need to keep your methodologies updated to get the maximum customer satisfaction.

Senior caring

Many aged people need a person to assist them in doing their day to day activities, or household tasks like cleaning, laundry, and washing. This type of business requires no start-up capital to initiate. You can start it locally with minimal resources and investment.

brokerage services

there are many brokerage opportunities lie in wait for the young entrepreneurs. You can start the brokerage services either in real estate or investment. On good deals, the buyers and sellers won’t mind paying a hefty commission to the brokerage.

Tutoring – start a business with no money

If you are good academic scorers and can teach the students, then this job is for you. Tutoring is undoubtedly a lucrative offer. experiences tutors spend hours and earn a lump sump money and this job does not require any start-up investment to initiate.

Virtual assistance

You may find thousands of virtual assistant jobs at different sites. The work involves assisting and managing the operational tasks. The best aspect about the business is, it does not require any investment. Hannah O’Brien is the one, who had set a benchmark for the noobs coming into the field.

a successful member site can be seen by Jon Morrow, he has set some examples and launched the online courses over the years. The other example is ShoutUniversity, who guides people about blogging and ways of earning money out of it.

Seo consulting – start a business with no money

In today’s era, we can’t deny the importance of search engines. Traffic comes from Google. Hence SEO is an in-demand profession that entails no investment. Learning enough skills and starting your SEO agency may require a 4-6 months training. You can then earn enough from the varied marketing courses and must have a zeal to be an SEO expert.

Affiliate Marketing

The other ideas may fail but this business plan has the potential to keep generating income for you for the next coming years. Affiliate marketing regarded as an easiest online method to earn an income. All you need to do is recommend someone else’s product and service to the people you know. And once the product is purchased, you ‘ll earn a commission out of it.

Amazon associates – start a business with no money

Amazon association is somehow similar to affiliate marketing. Where people can simply earn by referring people to Amazon. All you need is to build a website, where you can review the different products. If the user clicks a link, and you would get a successful commission upon the purchase of the individual.

People don’t prefer it, though it still has given a huge profit margin to the sites like Home Products HQ, Health Ambition, etc.

Graphic designer:

A special knowledge where a person can demonstrate anything via visual communication or typography, illustration and photography. The business has an endless demand, as every small to large business needs a person to make their logos, create the videos, marketing material, banners, business brochure, visual storytelling. The task may vary, and zeal for the success is mandatory to stand out. Kaitlin Mendoza who is a graphic designer for Stampington & Company in Laguna Hills, California says, “She loves every minute of her job and never gets bored of it”. And this is the quick-fix of the success for the jobs.

Dietary consultancy service

People are conscious about the diet they intake. They seek guidance for the diet chart and eating habits. The person who is an expert or has a knowledge dietary consultancy service. If you have some funds then it would be preferable to hire a good dietician, that can take your business to other heights.

Organic Food Service

People are more concerned about their health. Organic food is the best and safest food to consume. Therefore, many people are willing to eat organic food, and giving the services as an affiliate or through any other mode will certainly be a profitable venture.

Facebook ads consultant:

Facebook ads play a vital role in your marketing campaign. The constant amendment in the advertising rule and technology often makes it difficult for the businesses owner to earn a profit out of it. Therefore, it is recommendable to polish your skills, and then offer your service as a consultant. Make sure you have learned the program and rules in order to give your customers satisfactory services.

Online book publishing – start a business with no money

There are many platforms for self-publishing a book. You can release it as an eBook. your writing could be anything from a fiction novel to child’s picture story or a documentary. The best aspect about self –publishing is everything taken automatically from delivery, storage and printing etc. The work being auto-pilot offers publishers many benefits. Just choose the platform, and enjoy with profit,


You probably have heard the term “ drop shipping” many times. The wisest approach to initiate the business, and you don’t need to own a warehouse full of inventory. You just need to have a pre-existing book, and the supplier will be doing everything from fulfillment, packaging, and shipping. You don’t need to build a physical store, once a buyer orders anything from you, you order it to the third party on behalf of the customer, and the merchant shall handle the rest.

Website flipping – starting a business with little investment

Real estate business is one where a person buys, renovates and sells the property with a profit. Surprisingly, there is an online real estate business exists. It requires time and a little investment. The process is straightforward where a person buys the existing website, redesigns, and remarkets it and at the end flip the website (sell)  with a profit. Empire Flippers is the site, where you can sell the website, once it is ready.

Chris Guthrie a man behind the Upfuel, has generated 50,000 in 20 months from a single website flipping.

Podcasting – starting a business with little investment

People have started new shoes on daily basis, therefore business has grown a substantial fame in the shortest time span. Podcasters are generating new ways of monetizing and landing the attractive deals with sellers and sells the services or products to his audience. The most prominent name in the podcasting is John Lee Dumas, who has managed to build a remarkable success around his podcast.


Marketers and bloggers are so busy with other tasks, that they have no time of writing under the areas of their businesses or niche. Writing is an essential task, but there are other tasks that need their attention.

The marketers always seek for the intelligent and experienced ghost-writer. As a ghost-writer, your ultimate priority is to produce a quality and engaging task to the marketer. A ghostwriter will be writing eBooks articles, but eventually, the eBook or blog article shall be published under the name of the marketer.

Event manager:

The field is booming. If you are the one, who is a good coordinator and can manage multiple projects, this job is for you. The business has a huge demand, as many corporate and SME nowadays need an event manager for their program. The earning opportunities are immense. The median pay offers the right candidate for the event planner and their cost is as high as $97,000.

Data center consultancy:

Data center business is related to information technology. A knack of specialized techniques and tactics may require for building a data center. Data center coordinator manages the hosting and IT services and offers the small and large enterprise proven and satisfactory data center consultancy services.

Home-made food – starting business with little investment

If you are good at cooking then this business is going to be a perfect pick for you. Food should be perishable, fresh, and tasty. It can be a great idea for the beginners having the lowest start-up cost. You can further take orders from the other factories or college, and it will help to generate you a sufficient income. YORKSHIRE PROVENDER, HEAD IN THE CLOUDS, RUDE HEALTH are the food entrepreneurs who started with zero investment and now have a million dollar business.

Website developer

Web developers skills are in incredibly high demand. You can learn to code and get up to the speed of making a powerful website in the shortest time span. A person must have a knack of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, and Python. It can be an excellent idea of side business, while you keep working the other full-time business.

Landscape Expert

A person who has a knack of landscape architecture and relevant tactics can start the business with no initial investment. An expert in the landscape architecture will be reviewing about land planting, storm-water management, sustainable design, site analysis, and many others. The person ensures that all the practices are compliant with the local and federal ordinance.

Resume writing:

If you can craft the best resumes that can potentiate the chances of getting a job for the job-seeker then you can do it, by sitting at your home with zero investment. To produce best resumes, you need to be excellent in structuring, formatting, and editing. You don’t need anything to start the business, just a computer and some basic software.



Udemy is the largest learning marketplace that was founded in 2009 and headquartered at San Francisco. There are 10 million plus students, and the popularity is increasing day by day. More than 40.k courses are taught to the students. It is also a wonderful opportunity for the teachers to earn money. A person will be getting 70% of the student course fee. An intellectual person can cash his knowledge.

Pet trainer – starting a business with little investment

Buy allied pet accessories and start a pet grooming business, and sooner you will generate a massive income from this profession. It is the best home-based business, and one can start with zero investment. You need to have love and deep understanding of animal behavior. The business requires no start-up cost, but you must be patient to deal with the animal.

Video producer

Today there are a number of businesses that need a person to make an attractive and catchy video demonstrating the brand building activity. They also seek intelligent people to produce attention-grabbing and engaging videos for the promotion. This work can be done by anyone who enjoys doing it.

Smartphone repairing

To generate more income, you should look at ways that can produce constant income for you-  smartphone repairing business has a huge demand. Since Smartphones have become our need and the business of smartphone repairing entail some tools and expertise. The business can be initiated at home.

Self-defense training

Nowadays people are emphasizing on self-defense training. if you have expertise can craft the different pieces of training for the women, children, and men – then this job can be the best for you. Women and children will more willingly take part in these courses. If you want to build a self-training school, you can do it by renting a place, or can personally teach individual by going to their places.

Sales trainer

Employees are the best asset for a company. Every firm potentiates the sales by giving them sales training. It ultimately excels their motivation level. according to Salesforce, there are 80% sales managers who claimed that we don’t have sufficient time to train employees. While 90% of sales managers said that lack of training keeps the customers less engaged and demotivated for their tasks and duties.

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