5 Must Do Things When Studying In Australia

Are you planning to study in Australia? You certainly won’t regret it, what with the many prestigious universities you can enroll in, and the amount of fun you will experience. But you must understand that expectation is far too different from reality, and life in Australia won’t always be fun and exciting. After all, your original plan is to study abroad, and doing everything else but to study defeats that purpose.

Take Care of University Concerns

First and foremost, you’re in Australia to study, so make sure you take care of all university needs, such as student fees, class schedule, required paperwork, extra application forms, accommodation and housing, visa and passport, and medical concerns. The Australian academic and medical system may be different than the one in your own country, so make sure all the details are ironed out before and after your arrival. Your medical insurance, for example, must be valid in Australia. Otherwise, you will need to obtain local medical insurance.

Get Your Finances in Order

student-finance-helpLiving in Australia would be very expensive, which is why you are asked to provide proof of your finances when you lodge a visa application. So make sure you have the funds to tide you over, or until you can find work. You can also make other financial arrangements, since your pay might not be enough, because students can only work for a limited number of hours while the course is in session.

Explore Australia While Studying

When you study overseas, you get to learn and travel at the same time, so make sure you explore Australia whenever possible during your approved stay. Didn’t they say the best learning is done outside the classroom?

Regardless of wherever you choose to study, there is something wonderful to see and enjoy, including the vast, ancient desert. But the East Coast comes highly recommended. The Rocks, in particular, is a borough in Australia that is the country’s oldest part where the first settlers landed. Here, you will see buildings and cobblestones that are two centuries old.  And you must not leave Australia without visiting Cairns & the Great Barrier Reef.

Learn to Surf

Cr: tripadvisor.com.au
Cr: tripadvisor.com.au

If you still don’t know how to surf, studying in Australia is the perfect opportunity to study surfing as well. After all, Australian beaches are known throughout the world to have the best breaks and waves. If you master the art of surfing, then you will gain extra talent that will prove useful after study and even right through to graduation.

Immerse in the Aboriginal Culture

Australia is where you can learn about the oldest human culture on Earth that continues to thrive to this day. Aborigines have been in the country between 40,000 and 60,000 years, and spending time with them will take you back to a fascinating ancient culture. Be amazed with art, music, and a belief system that dates back to human civilization.

There are plenty of other things you must do when studying in Australia, but you should not forget the most important one – to graduate from your course.