5 Rules to Take Care of When Living Abroad as an International Student

People often say that when you travel and visit other countries, you learn a lot. This concept is not just said for the sake of saying it. This wisdom is passed by millions of people who travel abroad and live abroad. If you are also deciding to leave your country to live and study abroad then you should know that there are some pointers that we have discussed below that will help you with problems that you probably will face in a new country. We have for you 5 rules to follow for living abroad and these are:

Do your Research about the Country

You might not want to visit any country that is known for clubbing, if you want to go to study, right? That is why knowledge of the country where you are applying to study is necessary as this will give you an understanding about whether or not this country is suitable for the learning of specific subjects. This will give you confidence related to whether you are applying in the right place or not. 

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Google all the related information about the country. For example; if you want to study Finance in Canada, then do all the research about Canadian universities that are the best in teaching finance. If you have a friend in canada then ask him/her about the campus life or student life there. Make sure that you have whole data about what currency is used there and what is the standard of living in Canada. Make sure that you have that currency in hand when you land in Canada in order to save yourself from mindless running to banks and ATMs at the time of need.  Learn about Canadian culture because it will help you make friends easily as it can be pretty boring living all alone by yourself. 

Check your Back-Pack

You need to make a list of all the things that you might need in a new country. Make this list a month before and keep adding to the list all the things that you think you might need abroad. Check the weather conditions as you will need to put clothes accordingly. 

Travel books are those books that have all the information about the country that you are visiting. Make sure you have the book because that is where you will see the maps, the places, addresses, and will get loads of information about places. Make sure you have a travel book in your bag. If you are allergic to something or doctor has recommended you some medicine, you get flu easily then you can take those pills with you because the minute you will land in a new country you will not have enough information to where to get those specific medicines, so it is better that you take all the necessary medicines with you. 

Check your bag again and see if you have in it all the documents and visa and tickets that you will need in the future. You also should have two or three copies of all the documents for security purposes. If you have a phone or a laptop then make sure that chargers are with you because then there is no point in having a phone or a laptop. 

Register yourself

The very first thing you need to do is contact the internal ministry of affairs of that country where you have landed and register yourself with them. Give them every piece of information that they ask, and through them, you will be allowed to live in that country legally.

Next thing that you need to do is to visit a bank and open yourself a bank account. You will be able to pay your utility bills, and fees etc through that account.

Find Scholarships

There are multiple scholarships out there that you will have to look up because sometimes some universities do not announce the scholarships so you need to go out and look for scholarships that are for international students.

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Identity Card for International Students

Talk to the embassy that helped you with the visa and everything related to the traveling and ask them for the identity card and they will give you information about where to get it from and how to apply for it. This identity card will help you travel at lower rates than others and through this card, you will be able to get special discounts on your shopping list. 

Try to save money as soon as you land in the new country because you will take the time to understand the price rates of the things. Don’t rush into buying things unnecessarily, don’t travel in taxis unless you really need to. You can always travel on buses, trains, and trams as they are cheap. Try to save yourself money and always have cash-in-hand for rainy days but be careful and spend them only when you need something important.

These were 5 rules to follow for living abroad and they will help you get settled easily in the country. Last rule that is not included but is equally important is that always be in contact with your parents and family members and tell them where you are staying and give them the whole address of the hostel/apartment where you are staying. Tell your parents about the roommates that you have. Do this to protect yourself (just in case there is a problem your parents can tell everything to the authorities responsible), and well it is necessary that your parents know each and everything about you. Transparency between you and your parents will make your visit to the new country easy and you will enjoy your studies and won’t feel homesick.