AMC Assessment Process for MBBS Doctors from Pakistan and India

Every medical general physician or specialist seeking work in Australian healthcare sector needs to go through Australian Medical Council (AMC) Assessment Process. It is basically the assessment organization in Australia that holds control of all the applicants for AMC registration. All the International Medical Graduates verify their degrees through the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates. AMC has no control over registration of the applications. Medical Board of Australia has an authority over it. Any International Medical Graduate who has an MBBS qualification from a renowned Medical College fulfils the eligibility criteria for AMC assessment.

Whether you’re a Pakistani or an Indian, AMC assessment for the Pakistani doctors and the Indian doctors is similar. Both of these countries have to go through similar pathway. In fact every international medical graduate with medical degree outside of Australia and New Zealand who are seeking registration in Australia has to go through Australian Medical Council Registration process. There are 3 pathways to register as medical practitioner in Australia.

1. Standard Pathway

This pathway is for the doctors who have just completed their degree. Basically a non-medical specialist applies to this pathway. Medical graduates who have basic knowledge of medicine and surgery are accepted by both the Australian Medical Council and World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS). Standard pathway has two discrete types.

Standard Pathway AMC examinations

This type only requires examination namely AMC CAT MCQ and AMC Clinical Examination. Mainly non-specialist doctors are examined through this process.

Standard Pathway Workplace Assessment

Assessment is carried out by work place examination. AMC credited authority is responsible for examining the work place assessment of clinical skills. Very few applicants are examined through this pathway due to its short availability. It is obligatory upon the applicants to complete 12 months of practice under a Standard Pathway for AMC assessment. Following authorities are under the AMC control;

  • Central Coast Local Health District
  • Monash Health
  • Rural and Outer Metropolitan United Alliance
  • Launceston General Hospital
  • Hunter New England Local Health District
  • Western Australian Health
  • Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service

How to apply for AMC Standard Assessment Pathway?

First, you need to apply for the verification;

  • Then pass the MCQ exam
  • After that you can either go for a job or pass the clinical examination
  • If you secure a job then you have to complete 12 months practice. And you also need to pass the AMC clinical examination during that time period. You can also attain AMC Certificate through workplace based assessment.
  • If you opt out for the second option then primarily pass the clinical examination. Get a job. Apply for provisional registration and complete 12 months practice under strict supervision.
  • All the applicants must pass AMC CAT MCQ examination. Only then they can apply to the Medical Board Examination
  • Both MCQ and Clinical Examination are necessary to be passed by the applicant before starting the practice
  • They also might have to undergo a Pre Employment Structured Clinical Interview before applying to provisional registration
  • After completing the supervised practice, you are able to apply for the general registration

2. Competent Authority Pathway

This pathway is recommended for the medical applicants who are non-specialists. They could also be specialists who are seeking to settle in Australia. Medical board of Australia recognize and approve many international countries for the medical registration Competent Authority includes;

  • General Medical Council (UK )
  • Medical Council of Canada
  • Educational Commission of United States
  • Medical Council for New Zealand
  • Medical Council for Ireland

Applicants cannot apply for limited registration. Medical graduates who have basic knowledge of medicine and surgery are accepted by both the Australian Medical Council and World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS). Anyone who fulfils above mentioned criteria can apply for Competent Authority Pathway. Applicant must have got job opportunity before registering to Australian Medical Board. Clinical experience is also an important component of examination. Medical Graduates who have fulfilled the eligibility criteria need to go to the Australian Medical Council for primary source verification.

First, the medical applicants apply for provisional registration and then they have to either take a supervised hospital position or a position in general practice. They are required to undergo a pre employment structured clinical interview before their provisional registration. Medical applicants having specialist degrees could also apply to the relative special medical college for the specialist approval examination.

For competent pathway, first gain a job. Then apply to the Australian Medical Council for primary source verification and also for provisional registration. Then complete 12 months practice. Special work performance report and letter of recommendation for general registration approved by the Medical Board should be submitted to Australian Medical Council. In this one gets accepted by AMC via Competent Authority Pathway.

3. Specialist Pathway

Special pathway comprises of overseas trainees who are specialized in any field want to apply for the same standard of specialization in Australia. Overseas trainee want to work as a specialist for an area of vacancy in Australia. Lastly, overseas doctors wanting to take a short duration of specialist or advanced training in Australia. Medical applicants who have a medical degree approved by Australian Medical Council and have fulfilled all the examination and training requirements can apply for Special Pathway. Eligibility criteria for short term training requires the applicant to have completed 2 years of specialization.

  • Medical applicants must apply for primary source verification of their degree
  • The result of specialist medical college’s assessment will decide the type of registration a medical applicant may apply for through Medical Board of Australia

An overseas specialist can undergo a short term training Australia without attaining AMC certification. Thus, Australian Medical Council has developed standards for medical examination. To help you decide which pathway is suitable for you, an initial self examination is necessary. Hence, Indian and Pakistani doctors have more scope in Australia than any country of Europe due to generosity and kindness of Australians towards international medical graduates.

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