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How to Extend Your Australian student Visa

A student visa is a must thing while staying and studying in Australia. Students need to get the Australian student extension visa if their visa expires before the course completion. This could be due to any other reason like on which some of the main reason is the failed subjects, absence from college due to work, extended research candidature period, student have submitted its research thesis work or their visa expires before the marking or the student has started the new course in the meantime. There is one more possible reason which is the visa has been suspended by the DIBP department (student must seek out support and help from a duly qualified migration lawyer). It is to be advised to apply at least 4 months before the visa expires as different study levels may require instant visa extension application. Sometimes Australian universities also help you to extend your student visa if you have not finished complete requirements of your degree.
Students who are studying in Australia are usually granted a BVA (bridging Visa A). The bridging visa allows the candidate to stay lawfully stay in Australia while the renewal process in progress for their student visa extension. The bridging visa will come effective when the current visa of the student studying in Australia, expires. Suppose, the student who is holding BVA needs to go outside Australia, he needs a Bridging Visa B which is actually the “travel permission” before leaving the country. An application should be forwarded to the Immi Account before communication in Australia. Applicant needs to check if he/she is holding a pre-qualifying visa or they have a “no further stay circumstances”. There is a possibility that the student may be charged a little amount of application submission fee to prolong their visa, based on visa history for the student visa.

Documents Checklist for Australia Student Visa Extension

The student needs to apply at least one month before their current visa expires or to prolong their student visa. The checklist consists of multiple documents which can be seen on the below link:

There are certain documents needed to prolong the student visa and are listed below:

  • Evidence of CoE (confirmation of enrolment)
  • Health Cover certificate evidence for the new extended period of stay
  • Go to the official site of DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) and fill up the application and fulfill the requirements.

COE for Australian student visa extension

The COE is issued to the international students after complete screening of several factors including Student visa financial capacity requirements, genuine intention of study which is called genuine temporary entrant (GTE), health and character assessment. Students are first bound to complete their degree under the duration period defined in the offer letter, but in the case due to any reason the student is not able to complete the study in the defined duration, they are given an eCoE.

If the students think he/she may not be able to complete the courses on or before the expiry visa duration than they first coordinate with their supervisor and tell the whole scenario and get information how to prolong student visa. If they find no more solution then contact immediately ISLO (international student liaison officer) for the intervention plan. They can find the student visa extension details from there.

There are some conditions applied for student visa extension which is explained in COE (confirmation of enrolment).

  • Overseas students need to apply at least 3 to 4 months before the visa expiry date to prolong their visa for their CoE. Students who are staying in Australia, they should apply 1 month before the expiry date to prolong their student visa. Requirements include a CoE (confirmation of enrollment) letter, required compulsory documents ( details can be seen in procedure and policies of CoE for International Students extension visa), submit the scan copy of the supporting documents and by clicking an “Ask a question” key select “student visas & COE-international” as for subject.

Students whose applications would be approved are notified through an email. Successful candidates may apply to the DIBP department for further student visa extension process

OSHC (overseas student’s health cover) Extension

Students need to renew the health cover certificate to get the new visa. There needs to be evidence of student’s current OSHC submitted to DIBP for the visa extension process. If the chest X-ray and medical exam passed more than a year, they need to be done again for the student visa extension process. The chest X-ray is compulsory for students who are over 16 years.

Read more about overseas student’s health cover

Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Those who want to stay in Australia and there visa expires, they must depart as per policy. They can apply for another visa that depends on their current visa. Student Visa extension details and information can be seen on Visa Finder. If the student has “no further stay” on their visa, they can not apply for the further student visa extension process but they can be granted a temporary or a protection visa for a specific kind.

Students who are still studying but their visa expires, they should immediately go for a BVE (Bridging Visa E)to prolong their visa, if they want to stay in Australia as per laws/ legally. The BVE visa is a momentary visa which is given to the short period of time just to finalize arrangements to leave the country or immigration matters. There are also conditions attached to apply for this BVE category. Students can also see their visa status through an online service known as VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification online) or they can also download the online application named myVEVO through the app store. Those who want to check their ETA expiry time, they can check through “check an ETA”. For further details go to the below link:

You can not apply for Student Visa Extension if you do not hold a substantive visa

There is an online student visa extension application service provided by the immigration and border department. To fill an online application student may need an Immi Account and log into that account first. In a case of not having that account, the student requires one. Applicant needs to gather as much information as possible; a missing sequence may lead to a delay period or more time. For students who are residing in Australia, just need to hold a momentary substantive visa with the following visas exceptions:

  • 403 momentary worker visas (international relations) in Domestic worker stream either consular or diplomatic.
  • 426 consular or diplomatic domestic worker visa (Temporary).
  • 995 Diplomatic visa which is granted on the basis of a consular or diplomatic representative or of an overseas country
  • 771-transit visa
  • 600 visitor visa in “Approved Destination Status stream” or in “Sponsored Family Stream”

If the applicant is not holding up an interim substantive visa, he/she must make an application in the period of 28 days substantive visa ceasing.

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