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Australia student visa is divided into many visa subclasses including subclass 570, subclass 571, subclass 573, subclass 573 Streamlined visa processing, subclass 574, subclass 575 and subclass 576. This page explains everything you want to know about Australia student visa. It has all student visa sub classes, visa requirements, required documents, international student laws in Australia, assessment levels for different countries and much more.

australia-student-visa-356x364Australia student visa is based on strong immigration law which has many visa sub classes for international students according to their level of qualification. All student visa sub classes have different requirements and obligations.  All overseas students need to enroll for full time course in Australia. They will not be eligible for Australia visa if they are enrolled in part time educational program in any visa.

Here are all possible student visa sub classes for Australia.

  • ELICOS Sector – Visa Subclass 570
  • Schools Sector – Visa Subclass 571
  • Vocational Education and Training Sector – Visa Subclass 572
  • Higher Education Sector – Visa Subclass 573
  • Higher Education Sector – Visa Subclass 573 – Streamlined Visa Processing
  • Postgraduate Research Sector – Visa Subclass 574
  • Postgraduate Research Sector – Visa Subclass 574 – Streamlined Visa Processing
  • Non Award Sector – Visa Subclass 575
  • Non Award Sector – Visa Subclass 575 – Streamlined Visa Processing
  • AusAID or Defense Visa Sponsored Sector – Subclass 576

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ELICOS Sector – Visa subclass 570

Visa subclass 570 is for those international students who want to come to Australia to study English language. ELICOS stands for English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS). This is specially designed for those international students who do not have required level of English proficiency for their intended studies.  For example you are going to study post graduate course at Australian institute for which you need IELTS 6.0 but you have scored less score so you will be admitted for an ELICOS. After completing ELICOS, you will be able to carry on your higher education program.

School Sector – Visa Subclass 571

As obvious with the name, visa subclass 571 is for school level students. International students can come to study in Australian schools at primary and secondary level courses. Applications of these students are processed under visa subclass 571. As students at this level will be minor so their guardians can come with them and stay in Australia with students. They will be known as student’s dependents. Once studies has commenced, dependents can work 40 hours per fortnight. School sector visa is subject to certain conditions including English language proficiency, Genuine Temporary Entrant rule (GTE) and proof of funds for intended study and stay.

Vocational Education and Training Sector – Visa Subclass 572

Visa subclass 572 is for vocational training students who are enrolled in either one of the course;

  • Certificate level IV course
  • Diploma program
  • Advanced diploma program
  • Vocational graduate diploma

You may take up to four programs totaling a minimum duration of 12 months. Australia is renowned for her vocational training education. TAFE is Australian body which provide vocational training education in every subject. TAFE has hundreds of institutes all around Australia which proudly accommodate overseas students in all level of vocational training. For subclass 572 most of the students choose either TAFE of private vocational college. Read more about visa subclass 572

Higher Education Sector – Visa Subclass 573

australia-student-visa-356x364Overseas students who want to continue higher education courses in Australia are usually processed under subclass 573. Higher education courses include;

  • Bachelor degree
  • associate degree
  • graduate certificate
  • graduate diploma
  • Masters by coursework
  • Higher Education diploma
  • Higher Education advanced diploma

This visa let students to work 40 hours per fortnight. Students whose main course of study is one of the above can apply under 573 subclass. Students may enroll in any of these program at either an Australian college or university. Subclass 573 students are allowed to live in Australia 2-3 months more than duration of their studies. Read more about subclass 573

Higher Education Sector – Visa Subclass 573 – Streamlined Visa Processing

Visa subclass 573-0 is newly introduced and is called streamlined visa processing. This is only for students who enroll in any Australia university for;

  • Bachelor degree; or
  • Master degree

This is point to be remembered that only degree students are eligible for streamlined visa processing and degree must be in university not college. Student under streamlined visa processing are assessed as assessment level 1 applicants. They are considered as low risk students irrespective of their country of residence. Streamlined visa processing also ask students for less documentary evidences. Read more about visa subclass 573 streamlined visa processing

Postgraduate Research Sector – Visa Subclass 574

If you are coming to study master degree by research or doctorate degree then your application will be processed under visa subclass 574. You may study at Australian college, however if your are enrolled at university for research program then you may be eligible to apply under visa subclass 574 streamlined visa processing.

Postgraduate Research Sector – Visa Subclass 574 – Streamlined Visa Processing

If you are enrolled in master degree by research or doctorate degree at a participating Australian university then your visa application will be processed under streamlined visa processing. Streamlined visa applications are as considered low risk visa applicants and have more chances to get their visa.

Non Award Sector – Visa Subclass 575

Overseas students enrolled in non-award programs are grouped under visa subclass 575. Non-award courses are;

  • a foundation course
  • A full time course which do not lead to an Australian award

Students who are coming to Australia to study only non-award program should apply under subclass 575. If you are taking a non-award course just as pre-requisite of your main course then you should apply for visa subclass which is appropriate for main course of study.

Non Award Sector – Visa Subclass 575 – Streamlined Visa Processing

All other details are the same as non-award sector visa subclass 575, but if you are enrolled in non-award course at a participating university then your visa class will be changed to 575 streamlined visa processing. Eligible courses for non-award streamlined visa processing may be;

  • student exchange program (semester or year)
  • study abroad program (semester or year)

AusAID or Defense Visa Sponsored Sector – Subclass 576

This is a temporary student visa specially for those students who are enrolled at Australian institutes and sponsored by AusAID or Defence. There study program may be at any level, but the main condition is to be sponsored by AusAID or Defence. Course can of any type but must be full time and students will not be allowed to work more than  40 hours per fortnight.

End Note

Studying in Australia is dream of thousands of students from more than 180 countries. Every year there are more people to apply for Australia student visa. Reason of increasing student visa applicant is based on many internal and external factors. One of the main reason is that universities in Australia offers variety of educational degrees which may not be offered by universities in other comparative countries. Other reasons include  moderate weather Australia, living cost in Australia, suitable immigration laws for students and availability of part time working opportunities for international students. If you have any question about study in Australia, do not forget to post your questions at ideabroad Australia visa forum.

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