Architecture scholarships for International Students in USA

The American government with sincere gratitude for the generosity of our art students provides nearly $1,000,000 each year to nourish and support architecture undergraduates and postgraduates students. These architecture scholarships will be served to those students only who will come with the determination and persistence that will make them the most qualified candidate. Architecture begins where engineering ends. In this era where everyone is coming with some new skills and talent, to compete with the professionals a student needs to learn some technicalities and skills for which they need a solid architecture scholarship.

Architecture scholarships program

For higher studies and to be an exceptional architect with some phenomenal skills will take time and lots of money which everyone cannot afford. Architecture majors are faced with the ever-rising cost of college tuition. Many students due to financial burden withdraw their decision and kill their dreams to become an exceptional architect. Those students who can easily afford the expenses of higher education for them, time is filled and planned and on the other hand, those who cannot bear the expenses of higher education for the ‘time is unfilled, open and uncommitted’. They postpone things and are inefficient. For students like them we have arranged some scholarship programs, fortunately, there are a huge number of scholarship opportunities for architecture majors but a student has to earn them. These architecture scholarships are mostly awarded on the basis of merit. The more promising the student is the more will be chances of winning a scholarship program. We believe these students have the utmost potential they only want a kick, a ticket to their museum. Scholarships are essential for students. They help defray the costs of tuition even if one student can bear all the expenses of higher education these scholarships will serve as a reward for their hard work and dedication.

Source of Architecture scholarships

  • Private and professional organizations
  • Colleges and universities

Majority of architecture scholarship programs are supported by the private sector. These organizations also offer some paid internships to students, to make them burden free of loans. Organizations are giving a number of opportunities to an architect because they want to flourish in art. The architecture is a visual art all architects want to live beyond their death. Hence scholarships to dedicated students should be awarded to promote art.

Architecture Scholarships awarded by the private sector

The American architectural foundation awards scholarship programs to a number of students annually. Those who come from an underprivileged background can easily avail this scholarship. This foundation is collaborated with different communities running in all over the country to redevelop the cities.

The AIA/AAF Minority/Disadvantaged Scholarship is providing financial aid to undergraduates as well as graduates who wish to pursue a professional degree in architecture. Applicants, in order to be rewarded by this program, must submit some professional documents.

  • School transcripts must be submitted by college students who want to complete their higher education.
  • Recommendation letter it should be written either from your guidance counselor or from your architectural professional.
  • In the last examples of their design work which will show their credibility.

Interested students can assess this website and can ask their queries.

The Texas society of architects and the Texas architectural foundation

These two societies on a mutual agreement are working together and rewarding a number of scholarships for undergraduates, those students who are in college but this program is not only limited to undergraduates only. It will also be rewarded to postgraduate students who are pursuing a degree in architecture. Only those students will be selected which are mentioned below.

  • They all have to enroll themselves in an accredited school of architecture which must be within the vicinity Texas
  • The students must meet the academic requirements which are set by the donors and the review board of the scholarships for which they have applied

Both of these societies are offering 50 scholarship programs annually. Some of them are listed below.

  • AIA Fort Worth Charles R. Admas memorial scholarship
  • Charles Lamar and Verda McKittrick Scholarship
  • AIA Amarillo Chapter Scholarship
  • San Antonio Conversation Foundation Scholarship

The amount which will be rewarded will depend on the program in which the student is enrolled in. Attendance of college will also play a major role, greater the number of attendance greater will be the number of rewards.

All the details about this scholarship program have been mentioned in the attached website.

The Association For Women in Architecture and Design

This program is solely designed for women who want to pursue their carrier in

  • Architecture
  • Landscape architecture
  • Urban planning
  • And environmental design

Applicant must be attending an accredited college or university in the vicinity of California and he must have completed 18 units in the major of architecture.

The amount which will be rewarded id directly proportional the number of funds. More will be the funds available more will be the reward.

The Foundation For Enhancing Communities

This foundation is rewarding scholarships to more than 80 students annually. Students who are going to pursue their carrier in the below-mentioned fields can apply for this program.

  • Architecture
  • Urban planning
  • And community development

Applicants must have to submit the following official documents;

  • Student aid report
  • School transcripts
  • Letters of recommendations
  • And at least one essay

If any queries are stuck up in your mind, you can directly access the website.

The landscape architecture foundation

Since 1986, this foundation has awarded to more than 550 students by investing a huge capital of $1.25 million. This program is purposely designed for those students who have a keen interest to study landscape architecture. This program is rewarded to both undergraduates as well as postgraduate students. Contact this website for further information.

The Olmsted Scholars Program

This program awards one annual scholarship of $25,000 to an exceptional student by recognizing.

  • Leadership
  • Rewarding superior student performance
  • Encouraging diversity
  • Supporting original research
  • And assisting students with unmet financial need

The landscape design scholarships

Those students who want to study landscape architecture and sustainable outdoor spaces, this program is designed for them and they will be rewarded with $3000.

College Architecture Scholarships

College and universities are also playing a pivotal role in offering scholarships. There are two types of scholarship categories in colleges and universities.

  • Merit-based, a student with the highest merit and attendance will be most potent candidate among others
  • Need-based, students who cannot bear the expenses of higher education will also be awarded some scholarship rewards.

Students should contact their school’s office of financial aid as well as they should also contact to major’s department head for checking their eligibility status. Prior to applying they should know well about all the possible programs in which they can apply.

Following is the list of college-based scholarship programs which are the source of financial aid for students who want to pursue their carrier in architecture.

The Iowa State Of College Of Design

This program is solely designed for 1st-year students, a newbie who is enrolled in the architectural program will be awarded by this program.

Access this website for further details.

Chi And Pam Chiu Design Scholarship

It is a reward of $1,250 which is given every year to two students who are undergraduates and are planning to take admission in any of the programs in the College Of Design.

Application requirements

  • Find your university ID
  • Get your net ID
  • Complete the online form of a college of design scholarship program
  • Complete the FASFA form

Official link

The Design Diversity Scholarship

It is designed for the undergraduates, students who have just step in the university will be awarded by $2,500 if they will be identified as

  • African Americans
  • Native Americans
  • Hispanic Americans

The Claire B. Watson Design Scholarship

This program is open up for all the students, all the students are eligible for this program irrespective of their year.

Eligible Programs

  • Landscape Architecture
  • College Of Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Planning
  • Bachelor of design
  • Art and Visual Culture
  • Architecture

$1,000 will be awarded per year which will be based on ACT score, class rank and essay.

Scholarships Link

California Polytechnic at San Luis Obispo

More than 30 scholarships are awarded to the students annually which are mentioned below

  • Alfred B. and Joy G. Berghell Scholarship
  • The City and Regional Planning Scholarship
  • The Don and Caryl Koberg Architectural History Scholarship
  • Kris Cello Memorial Scholarship

Reward amount is directly proportional to the program you have chosen.

Access website for further details.

The University Of Maryland Architecture scholarships

The University of Maryland is offering architecture scholarship to the undergraduates who want to pursue their degree in Architecture Planning and Preservation.

Following programs which are mentioned below are available:

  • School of Architecture Alumni Scholarship
  • Dr. Erik and Joyce young Scholarship
  • The Laurence P. Sangston Memorial Scholarship
  • The Design Collective Scholarship/Internship

One point should be remembered, only that student will be selected who is selected either on a merit basis or need basis. The final award amount will depend on the program you have chosen and also it will depend on the availability of funds.

Access the website for further details.

The University Of Oregon’s Department Of Architecture

This program has certain endowed scholarship programs that will serve as a financial aid for the students who want to pursue their degree in architecture. These scholarships funds are available on a competitive basis, higher the merit higher will be the chances of selection. Current scholarship programs which are available are mentioned below:

  • Ellen .M. Pennell award
  • The Dean’s Graduate Fellowship
  • The Clara E. Nasholm Scholarship

Reward amount may vary and will totally depend on the selected course. Official Link

In today’s era scholarships are imperative if a student wants to complete higher education. There are some schools where if you want to study without scholarship is next to impossible. If one wants to pursue higher education in architecture he needs a minimum of five years to complete it. It can be a long and costly process and sorry to write but without financial aid, some students are unable to complete it. Some professional organizations realize the importance of professional goals, these organizations are funding the students on merit and need basis.

The difference between the impossible and possible is the man’s determination. With true determination, one can accomplish all the goals. So if you are disheartened that you cannot bear the expenses of higher education these programs are designed for you.
Architecture inspires people to think. If you foolishly ignore beauty, you will soon find yourself without it. Your life will be impoverished. But if you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life. Being wise, USA ranks top in investing a huge capital in scholarships. The USA government is investing in architecture scholarship programs because they know that the big art of design is to make complicated things simple. Architects are the one which will make iconic eye-catching buildings. Come to us with the vision and we will show you the direction.

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