Australia Spouse Visa – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the processing time for a spouse visa (subclass 309 and subclass 100)?

Processing time for Australia spouse visa is regularly updated on Department of Home Affairs’ official website. Currently, it’s 16 months for most of the applications.

What is the difference between subclass 309 and subclass 100?

Australia spouse visa is processed in 2 stages. The first stage of subclass 309 which is a temporary/provisional visa. Subclass 309 is awarded for maximum 2 years and subclass 100 is awarded within this provisional period if relationship sustains and the applicant meets all requirements.

What is the age limit to apply for spouse visa?

There is no age limit to apply for Australia spouse visa but you must be of 18 years old to apply for this visa. If you are 16 or 17 years old then you need parental permission to apply for Australia spouse visa.

If I apply for both visas at a time, Which visa is granted first?

Subclass 309 is provisional visa which is granted first and subclass 100 is awarded within provisional stay in Australia. If the applicant has already a long-term relationship with sponsor then the applicant may be directly awarded permanent visa.

How long we can stay in Australia on provisional (temporary) visa?

Subclass 309 is valid for 2 years.

After having temporary visa how long it takes to have a permanent visa (subclass 100)?

Permanent visa subclass 100 is processed within a period of provisional visa.

Do we have to pay a separate application fee for subclass 309 and subclass 100?

No. You just have to pay once at the start of the application and there is no separate application fee for subclass 100.

Is there any chance to get both visas at the same time?

If the applicant has a long time relationship with sponsor then permanent visa can be issued directly without any further wait.

What are the health requirements to apply for a spouse visa?

All applicants must have to undergo necessary medical checkup. After you submit a spouse visa application, you will be issued a health ID that needs to be presented to authorized medical authority in your country. Australian visa department has authorized certain medical professionals and medical centers in all countries who conduct a medical examination on behalf of the Australian visa department.

What are the character requirements to apply for a spouse visa?

You must meet Australia character requirement to apply for Australia spouse visa. Visa officer will ask you to provide a character certificate issued by your local police office. You have to provide a police clearance certificate from all countries where you have lived for more than 90 days after you turned 18.

Is the application fee refunded in case of rejection of visa or withdrawal of visa?

An application fee for Australian visas is non-refundable. A fee is not refunded even if you withdraw your spouse visa application.

Can we apply for visit visa after submitting the application for spouse visa?

You can always apply for visit visa at any time. There is no restriction applying for visit visa once you have submitted your spouse visa application.

Is it neccessary to live in or outside Australia to apply for subclass 309 and subclass 100?

You can be anywhere to apply for Australia spouse visa.

Can we travel outside Australia while having a provisional visa?

You can travel anywhere and it does not affect your permanent visa application in any way.

What will be the requirements if the couple already has children before they apply for spouse visa?

There will be no effect on spouse visa application if you have children. You just have to fulfill all visa requirements for children as well and the child will also undergo mandatory medical examination before visa issuance.

What will be the scenario if the spouse gets pregnant after submitting a visa application?

Applicant must inform the visa officer of any change in circumstances. Further documents may be required if birth is expected before visa has been granted.

Can a partner work or study full time on a provisional spouse visa?

You have complete right to do anything. You can study full time and also allowed to work full time on a spouse visa.

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