Australian Scholarships Opportunities For Overseas Students

There are lots of Australian scholarships, bursaries as well as grants that could assist you economically with your educations in Australia. Scholarships are provided by the government of the Australia, education organizations and many private and public institutions. You can browse sites to look for the scholarships. Some comes with contact information for the organization offering the scholarship. All inquiries and application for Australian scholarships are made by the scholarship provider.

Below are some of the major Australian scholarship courses accessible for overseas students:

Australia Awards

This scholarship was offered to stimulate knowledge, learning skills as well as enduring ties between Australia and nearby countries by means of Australia’s board scholarship programs. The course brings together programs provided by the DFAT, the ACIAR or Department of Education and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.

IPRS or International Postgraduate Research Scholarships

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop with Australia Award recipients

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop with Australia Award recipients

IPRS or the International Postgraduate Research Scholarships courses concentrated on enhancing the superiority of research in Australia. When you have a graduate qualification, this scholarship allows you study in this country with the best and renowned researched in your area.

AAWRF or Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship

The AAWRF or the Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship scholarships are open to talented and high achieving women researchers from APEC markets for research opportunities in organization with Australian learning as well as research institutions. The objective of this scholarship is to support female’s economic empowerment in the APEC countries and raise the women role models profile in technology, science, mathematics as well as engineering.


This is a scholarship to learn in Australia for learners of all levels of degree living from chosen countries in the Asia Pacific region, Middle east as well as Africa. Students from Indonesia are welcome to apply for the Hadi Soesastro Prize and Allison Susdradjat Prize.

Australia Awards Leadership Program

This kind of scholarship provides leadership learning as well as development opportunities. This is open to future and current leaders in government, business, and academic as well as non-government services.  On the other hand, this scholarship is only suitable for doctoral and master’s degrees.

Who can qualify for Australian Scholarships?

Australian ScholarshipsAll the Australian scholarships listed above are accessible to overseas students. A lot of these scholarships are accessible to learners of all races and nationalities, on the other hand, the entire scholarship conditions are set through the organization or institution providing the program and applications need to be performed with the provider. To know if you are qualify to get a scholarship you should call the institution providing the scholarship.

To determine what scholarship you may be qualifying for, you can utilize the search tool found on the specific site. All you need to do is to place you field of study or an organization in the search menu and then you will see the lists of scholarships in Australia available for international students like you. From the list of accessible programs or scholarships,  you can each one to know or match your interest and taste.

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