Bank Account For Norway Student Visa

All countries want student visa applicants to demonstrate financial strength. Same like other countries, you need bank account for Norway student visa. Norway is one of the five European countries which provide free education to local as well as international students. Norwegian universities are prestigious institutes with large research centers. There is no tuition fee so students do not need to worry about it. Norwegian universities award world-class education at no cost. International students wishing to pursue their studies in Norway can be categorised into two. Some get full scholarships which cover their living costs too while other students are called self-financing students who have to pay for their living themselves.

Fully funded students do not need to show funds for their living as their living is also paid by university or scholarship organisation however self-financing students have to demonstrate that they have access to at least NOK 8000 (Equivalent to Euros 10000) for each study year. Before applying for student visa, students need to put this amount in a shared account with their Norwegian university. This is done after you secure a place in Norwegian university.

How Bank Account for Norway Students visa work?

bank-account-for-norway-student-visa-534x371Unlike other countries, Norway has different student visa policy. Instead of showing funds in local bank account, you need to transfer NOK 80000 per year to the bank account provided by your prospective institute in Norway. Germany also has similar policy where you have to put funds in a blocked bank account and after reaching Germany, you can withdraw only Euros 678 every month.

  • Norwegian banks do not open bank account until you go their in person
  • So universities open a sub-account for each successful student
  • You will receive this sub-account details along with your admission letter
  • Follow instructions on admission letter and transfer funds
  • You will receive transfer confirmation letter
  • Provide this letter to Norwegian consulate along with your visa application

We try to provide correct information as per prevalent laws. However you are requested to approach your local norwegian embassy which can guide you officially.

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