Best Valentines Day Movies

Every couple wants to spend Valentine day together because this day is dedicated to lovers. What will be the most romantic thing to do on this valentine? Obviously watching a romantic movie together will be the most charming thing to do in valentine’s evening. Deciding the movie between couples is the most crucial thing to do. So here is a list of few romantic valentine day movies and it will help you decide that which movie you are going to watch on this valentine day.

Valentine day movies

The Notebook

The Notebook is darling by ladies wherever all things considered. Allie played by Rachel McAdams is such a warm and affable character, sought after by the similarly beguiling Noah played by Ryan Gosling. Their romantic tale withstands numerous tests yet we understand that it keeps going into their maturity.

Great exhibitions by McAdams and Gosling have made this a super-well known and grant winning film. It may be gooey and however it’s inspiring and authentic as well.


In the event that you’ve never observed Titanic, you should! This needs to be your valentine day movie. This exemplary sentimental debacle film won eleven Oscars, on account of its magnificent cast, plot, and music. Spoiler Alert: The ship sinks, and it takes like a large portion of the motion picture. Before it occurs however, Jack (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) takes Rose (played by Kate Winslett) from her rich spouse to-be. Titanic is a tragedy with an epic sentiment that is destined to disappointment.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

In this moving film, it is gradually uncovered that a couple had a method that deleted recollections of one another. Jim Carrey plays Joel, inverse Kate Winslet playing Clementine. As the motion picture gradually uncovers cherishing and private minutes in their relationship, you turn out to be increasingly more sincerely associated with the story.

About Time

Tim Lake played by Domhnall Gleeson finds a superpower when he turns 21 and he can go in time and change past occasions. While he could take a stab at doing any number of things to improve the world a place, he chooses to utilize his capacity to get a sweetheart. His sentimental intrigue is Mary played by Rachel McAdams, and their relationship bears a lot of hardships.

This film is from the makers of Love Actually, and it merits strive for anybody searching for a well-done lighthearted comedy.

Love and Basketball

While many sentiment motion pictures are troublesome for men to watch, Love and Basketball helps draw male watchers into this “romantic comedy” classification because of its hidden games topic. Quincy (played by Omar Epps) and Monica (played by Sanaa Lathan) meet on the b-ball court as children. Their affection/detest relationship creates as their lives consistently meet – they’re both seeking after their individual longs for playing ace ball.

In case you’re youthful, sports lover, or desire enthusiasm, this present motion picture is for you.

Lost in Translation

In spite of the fact that it’s one of those somber comedies, Lost in Translation has an incredible sentiment at its heart. Sway Harris (played by Bill Murray) and Charlotte (played by Scarlett Johansson) truly catch what it feels like to travel some place totally new and needing an association. The short snapshots of Anna Farris satirizing Cameron Diaz include only the perfect measure of giggles to hold you over, until the minute when Bob murmurs something in Charlotte’s ear and they bid a fond farewell.

When in Rome

Despite the fact that Forgetting Sarah Marshall is Kristen Bell’s most prominent job, her execution in When in Rome is underestimated. Chime plays Beth, an aggressive New Yorker who takes a few coins from a well known love wellspring in Italy amid her sister’s wedding. Due to her burglary, she’s pursued somewhere around Danny DeVito, Will Arnett, Jon Heder, and Dax Shepard, who are under an affection spell.

The motion picture is cheerful, interesting, and an incredible method to make and praise an upbeat Valentine’s Day.

50 First Dates

You’d be unable to think of a more agreeable couple of individuals than Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. In 50 First Dates, they’re in Hawaii, and after they meet, Henry Roth (Sandler) abandons a playboy to a gave sweetheart, the main issue is the young lady he had always wanted has no transient memory, so she remembers that day again and again. This film brings chuckles, but on the other hand it’s a sappy sentiment motion picture as no one but Sandler can do. It’s a romantic comedy anybody can appreciate.

This Means War

Reese Witherspoon is ubiquitous in romantic comedies in light of current circumstances! Every last bit of her rom-coms are pleasant, yet This Means War wins for blending spy-versus-spy activity in with the general mish-mash. Chris Pine and Tom Hardy work to perfection of keeping men diverted from Reese’s message that it’s OK to date different individuals. Brave couples will love this activity pressed frolic.

(500) Days of Summer

Zooey Deschanel is that particular and excellent young lady everybody needs to be or be with. To put it plainly, the kid (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) meets the young lady (Deschanel), and experiences passionate feelings and however she’s only that into him. The film features their relationship in a non-straight design, and is an extraordinary depiction of present day love and connections. (500) Days of Summer isn’t your customary lighthearted comedy, and perhaps that is something worth being thankful for not at all like all the others, it’s an interesting film about affection.


It’s difficult to trust it’s been over 10 years since Shrek turned out. This is a fun, in reverse fantasy where the beast gets the young lady. Highlighting the voice abilities of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, and John Lithgow, Shrek is a vibe decent motion picture that is ideal for young people and it is developed on the most fundamental level.

About a Boy

You’d think watching a man spend time with a disconnected kid would be somewhat strange and not extraordinary sentimental film grub. Be that as it may, in About a Boy, it plays out delightfully. This is a mate flick and a sentiment folded into one, and it instructs men that child rearing isn’t alarming. In case you’re a good for nothing that he is still hasn’t grown up, About a Boy is for you.

Bride and Prejudice

This Bollywood go up against the exemplary “Pride and Prejudice” is a melodic pleasure. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan may not be outstanding in lion’s share English talking nations, however she is wonderful and skilled and her acting, singing, and moving aptitude is on full showcase. This motion picture is wonderful, recounts an old story; and you’ll look refined for recommending it. The brilliant outfits and set plans resemble taking an extraordinary get-away from your lounge chair.

Love is in the air! On this valentine day, spend time with your partner and watch such romantic movies to make it more memorable!


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