Beyond The Prestige: The Problems Overseas Students Face Studying In Australia

It’s a privilege to study in prestigious universities in Australia, and foreign students agree it will help boost their employment options. But contrary to popular belief, it’s not all glitz and glamour. In fact, international students are faced with many student problems before and during their stay in Australia. Applying for a Visa is no walk in the park. If you’re lucky enough to be approved for a Visa, there are many conditions that have to be met as a Visa holder.

For example, if you wish to work and study at the same time, you’re only limited to a 40-hour work schedule per fortnight while your course is in session. It’s pretty short, especially for someone wants to earn more for college fees. The only time when work limits do not apply is when you’re studying a Masters by research or a Doctorate course. This is why one of the leading problems that international students face in Australia is with the rules and laws. Even the locals have a certain level of ignorance with the law, what more for foreigners?

Problems Faced by Overseas Students in Australia

Following Australian Rules & Regulations

overseas student face many issues while studying abroadLike any country in the world, Australia and New Zealand have rules in place that everyone must follow. No exemptions. But it is a fact that some students tend to disrespect even the basic rules. Unfortunately, Australia is very strict in implementing rules and regulations, particularly drink-driving, working illegally, taking illegal drugs and allowing their visa to expire. They even have a rule that specifies a student must maintain an 80% attendance in a course. Failure to follow these rules, often mean deportation.

Language Fatigue

Speaking English all the time may not be a problem for someone who comes from an English-speaking country. But it’s a different story for international students who only learned to speak English in order to study in Australia. The demand to speak English all the time can be stressful, unless they find time to switch off and switch to their native language.

Study Shock

Studying in Australia is nothing close to ROTE learning. Students are expected to do research, prepare projects, follow principles of discovering learning and find resources all on their own. This can pose a challenge to Asian students who are accustomed to ROTE learning or memorization. Moreover, studying in Australia is often an individual, rather than a group effort. For someone accustomed to working in groups or having their family around, working alone can be quite shocking and sad.

Difficulty in Switching Course

international students issuesThe Immigration Department states that foreign students in Australia who wish to switch courses must provide a valid reason in writing. The school is also required to provide a Release Letter that outlines why the student is breaking the contract. Through all these, a school is not obliged to provide a reason or even a refund to any amount that was unused. The student would have to negotiate with the school, and then lodge an appeal to the Immigration Department. And there’s no easy way around it.

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