Blocked Bank Account For Germany Student Visa

Education is fully funded in Germany so all students can benefit from their free study policy. Free study in Germany has been offered since many years. Germany universities quality education without charging any tuition fees. You do not need heavy amount to pay to university but German embassies require you to show show funds in a blocked bank account. Once you have got admission in a German university, you have to open a bank account in Germany and put living expense for first nine months of your stay in Germany. Standard living cost estimated by Germany Government is around €678 per month. Estimated amount which you need to deposit is Euros 7800 however you must consult your institute or local German consulate for exact figures.


Why Germany Asks for Blocked Bank Account

blocked-bank-account for Germany Student VisaGerman universities do not charge any tuition fees however all living expenses are to be met by student himself. To ensure that students have enough money for their intended stay in Germany, embassies ask to put amount in blocked account which should remain available during the stay. This condition is put after an observation when students started to use some one else’s money to claim Germany visa. Once they have got visa, they were used to be in trouble during their stay in Germany because they do not have money with them for their living. Now a blocked account can make sure that amount remain with students during their intended stay.

How does it work?

According to instructions of German Diplomatic offices in different countries, German banks have introduced this special type bank account. Before opening account, you have to sign an agreement with bank not to withdraw whole amount at once. You can only withdraw maximum of €678 per month which is standard monthly living expense in Germany. If you put amount in a blocked account, you will not receive cheque book or ATM card until you have received German visa. After getting Germany visa successfully you will be able to claim ATM or cheque book. This is will be issued only when you have reached in Germany. From there on you can withdraw agreed amount each month.

Where to open Blocked Bank Account for Germany Student Visa

Germany requires international students to fix funds for their intended living in Germany. Amount can be put only in German banks. Deutsche Bank is the largest German bank which has branch offices in several countries. Follow this process to open bank account for Germany student visa;

  • Account can only be opened once you have received original admission letter from Germany institute/university
  • Find your nearest Deutsche Bank
  • Deutsche bank require you to get appointment before you visit, so take one
  • Take original admission letter, passport/travel document, identity card and recent photos with you
  • Keep a photo copy of all for your record
  • Visit bank and fill up account form
  • Bank manager will sign up the form and it may need to be sent to Deutsche bank head office in Germany
  • You will received account number and detail in your email
  • Deposit required amount in the account
  • You will received account statement in your email after 48 hours when amount is credited to your account
  • That’s it… You need this statement for your Germany student visa application

Please consult your nearest German diplomatic office for further details.

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