C.A Coghlan And A.N Littlejohn Scholarship For The Juris Doctor

This scholarship is offered to students who are going to start first year of their Juris Doctor degree. Students who have already started their degree will not be eligible for C.A Coghlan and A.N Littlejohn Scholarship. This scholarship is available for all candidates regardless of their nationality. All candidates who are going to start their Juris Doctor degree at University of Sydney Law School, can apply for this scholarship.


C.A Coghlan and A.N Littlejohn Scholarship committee choose highly motivated candidates who has;

  • Excellent previous academic performance
  • Leadership experience
  • Committed to serve the community at their best

Scholarship Value

Duration of this scholarship is 3 years which is standard duration of Juris Doctor degree. Total value of this scholarship is $18000 payable during the degree. Successful candidates will be paid $6000 each year of their Juris Doctor degree in 2 equal installments of $3000.

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