Can I Bring My Spouse With Me On Australia Student Visa

If you are married when applying for an Australian student visa, you can bring your spouse with you. Being a primary applicant, you have to meet visa criteria. If the primary applicant meets the visa criteria, the spouse will get a visa too. Along with your spouse, you also include your children in your student visa application. However adding more family members means, you need to demonstrate that you have access to enough funds to support you and all family members while living in Australia. Single applicant needs to show funds only for himself but adding more applicants will increase the number of funds required to show with your Australia student visa application. These funds include living expenditure, school fees for children (if any) and return airfare for all applicants.

Document checklist for spouse student visa

When you are already in Australia and you want to bring your spouse to Australia as dependant then you need these documents;

  • Spouse passport or travel document valid for at least 6 months
  • Bank statement covering living expenses for 12 months of stay in Australia. If the remaining period of visa is less than 12 months then you need to show living expenses only for the remaining period of visa
  • Proof of relationship, valid marriage certificate duly attested and verified by authorities
  • Name change certificate if a name has been changed after marriage

Can my Spouse work in Australia

australia-spouse-visaWhile living in Australia as a dependent of an international student, spouse can work the same number of hours per week as the primary applicant. Usually, international students are entitled to work not more than 40 hours per fortnight. Spouses of students studying a master’s degree or a research degree can work an unlimited number of hours per week.

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    I want to study in Australia with my husband for Masters in Technology but the education of my spouse is undergraduate…am i still eligible to apply for him as a dependent…

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