Canada Graduate Scholarships

To overcome this hurdle in the dreams of talented and needy students Canada offers a wide range of graduate scholarships at both state and university levels. A great number of scholarships are offered by the Canadian government and the universities also. Fully funded Graduate Scholarships are a solution to the problems of all the deserving students who are unable to manage their study expenses due to any reason. Most top-ranking universities of Canada offer handsome scholarships to both Canadian and international students thus produce better professionals for the modern world. Canada is one of those countries in the world which is considered a part of the developed world and is most advanced in science and technology. It could be the dream of any high achieving student from all over the world to study in Canada but the big hurdle that can be faced by any Canadian or international student is the study expenses this dream will cost him or her. Check this list of fully-funded graduate and university-level scholarships if you meet the eligibility.

One-year Entrance Scholarships at McGill University

This graduate scholarship is very given to first-time university students who enter a full-time undergraduate degree program. The scholarship is merit-based scholarship so it is only given to extraordinary students with exceptional study and extra-curricular background. 


Visiting, exchange, diploma, part-time and transfer students are not considered eligible for this scholarship.

There are two major sections of this scholarship

  1. There is a one year scholarship worth $3000 that is not renewable.
  2. Another category is $3000 to $12000 value scholarship that is given each year which means it is renewable and can be given for three to four years.


Richard E. Morley Industrial Automation Scholarship

There are a number of graduate scholarships that come under this head. Overall these scholarships cover a twenty percent reduction in the tuition fee. There are multiple scholarships available. Please visit the website for more detailed information.

The value is a 20% reduction in your overall course tuition fee. These scholarships are available for Bachelor of Science program and for master of engineering as well.


  1. The student should be enrolled in a Bachelor of Science or Master of Engineering program on-campus or online.
  2. The student must meet the English Language Proficiency requirement of the course in which he or she is enrolled.

Canada Government ASSR Scholarship 2020

This scholarship is sponsored by Canadian Albert Association. This scholarship is given to international students to assist them study in Canada. These scholarships are given to students who are enrolled in a research based degree program for full time. This scholarship is also given to female students preferably at graduate and post-graduate level.


The following candidates are eligible for this scholarship:

  1. Candidates residing in Canada at the time of application are preferred.
  2. International candidates who give assurance of their return to their home country.
  3. Candidates having extra-ordinary professional or education scores.
  4. Students who work for women empowerment.
  5. Students having a brilliant research plan.
  6. Students having research plan with good feasibility.
  7. Students having evidence of their previous community work.



This scholarship is sponsored by which is family based gaming website. Their objective is to help students in their educational career as well. They offer an amount of two thousand dollar to help students lessen their educational expenses burden. This scholarship is give to five students each year. At present, the scholarship is given to deserving students in all countries of the world.


  1. Students who are enrolled in a four year degree program are eligible for this scholarship.
  2. In addition to that only those undergraduate students whose major subject is computer science, engineering , mathematics or science including agricultural sciences, health sciences or life sciences are eligible for this scholarship.


Women in Business Equal Pay Scholarship

This scholarship is specifically given to women to help them exceed in the developing world. The agenda behind this scholarship is help women acquire university level education which will result in an increase in the number of educated women.


  1. Only women are eligible for this scholarship.
  2. Female students who want to pursue their career in BBA or MBA online are eligible for this scholarship.
  3. To acquire a MBA scholarship, one must have a prior BBA.

Optimé Scholarship Program / Programme de Bourses D’Études D’Optimé

This scholarship is sponsored by Optimé in the memory of their twenty fifth anniversary. Every year two scholarships are given, one to a American student and the other is given to a Canadian student. The amount given under this scholarship is $1ooo CAD to the Canadian candidate and $1000USD to the American one.


  1. One must be a Canadian or American citizen.
  2. Student must be enrolled in a university or college in any subject.
  3. One must planning a career in sales or business development.
  4. One must be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate study program.

Hannon Scholarships Theology at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada

This scholarship is given by University of Saskatchewan in Canada. This scholarship is given to highly talented students who are enrolled in a full-time undergraduate degree program in the College of Science and Arts. This university is one of the top research based university in Canada and it offers almost two hundred academic programs. Students of this university can work off campus as well in order to enhance their research.


  1. Students who are enrolled in a full time degree program at the College of Arts or Science are eligible for this scholarship.
  2. Students who are enrolled in a course of economics, philosophy and psychology are eligible for this scholarship.


International awards at St. Thomas University in Canada

This scholarship is given to high aiming students with brilliant study background. Both Canadian and international students are eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship is given to the students who show brilliant performance in their first academic year. As the  attrauniversity offers a number of degree programs with various majors, students all over the world are attracted to study here.


  1. All Canadian and international students are eligible for this scholarship.
  2. Students must have academic excellence to be eligible for this scholarship.
  3. Enrolled students with at least 90% score in this first year are eligible for this scholarship.

Trent International Program Tuition Levy Scholarship in Canada

This scholarship is given to all the high achiever students from all over the world. Moreover, university offers this scholarship to those students who have leadership potential. Trent University is one of the most recognized universities in Canada.


  1. Students who are enrolled in the first year of any degree program are eligible for this scholarship.
  2. Students who are selected will automatically get the scholarship.
  3. All international students are eligible for this scholarship.


The Leaside Garden society founders’ scholarship opportunity

The Leaside Garden Society (LGS) offers a good amount of scholarship each year but this is specifically for students who are pursuing their career in forestry, horticulture, environmental science, ecology or any other horticulture related program. 

Eligibility: This scholarship is given only to Canadian residents who are full-time enrolled in a horticulture related program.

The Katoni scholarship – Supporting cultural projects

This scholarship is given to one or two person each year who is in a financial need to support his or her education or work within the same cultural area as Canada. This scholarship is given by Katoni who also selects the candidates receiving this scholarship.

  • Eligibility: This scholarship is given to Danes and foreign nationals who work to strengthen culture across borders.
  • Stipend: Varies each year.

Writing content scholarship

The major aim of this scholarship is to improve students writing skills and ultimately make them useful by writing good papers. If students become good writers then the number of papers published each year increases and the level of authentic research in the world rises to a great level. Publishing a good number of papers each year in a journal of recognised impact factor signifies the international ranking of an educational institution.

  • Eligibility: Graduate and undergraduate students can take part in a essay competition. There is no limitation of age, race or gender
  • Stipend: Undefined

Scholarship for the best candidates-kozminski University

This scholarship is given to students who have got exceptional marks in any three subjects chosen by the candidate in their matriculation examination. A test or a short exam is conducted of the three subjects selected by the candidate. These tests are then evaluated and students who get exceptional marks in the test are given this scholarship by the university to pursue their future education. Eligible candidates are selected on the basis of qualifying points.

  • Eligibility: Candidates who have received at least 350 points are eligible for the scholarship.
  • Stipend: Vary each year

PNC Learning Insurance and risk management scholarship

PNC aims at providing online education in accredited CE courses for the insurance industry in Canada. Students who pursue their future in management courses lead offices. This organisation aims at producing excellent professionals in the field of insurance. But one of the obstacles that students face is the higher cost of education. For this PNC has announced to give scholarships to students.

  • Eligibility: Students whose aim is to pursue education in PNC
  • Stipend: $500 for tuition fee in almost all programs, diplomas and degree at any post secondary institution in Canada.

NASP Scholarships for International Talented Students in North America

This scholarship is given to the students who are enrolled in a nationally recognized educational institution in Canada. This scholarship is given at masters, bachelor and PhD level. It is given to the international students of north America only.

  • Eligibility: International students from North America are eligible.
  • Stipend:$1000 to $8,000 per year at eligible universities

Apex GMAT – GMAT Instruction Scholarship

Apex aims at providing best GMAT preparation tuitions available in the world today. GMAT tests are conducted all over the world to choose highly talented students and students prepare for this to get admission in top ranking institutions of the world. Getting admission in a world’s top institution means a bright future and success in the modern world. Both merit and need base scholarships are given depending upon the situation of the student.

  • Eligibility: Students who plan to take GMAT and pursue their future in business.
  • Stipend: 25 to 100% TUTION FEE OFF

University of Waterloo International Master’s and PhD award

Waterloo University is one the renowned universities in Canada that offer different degree programs from bachelors to PhD. This award is given only to those students who are already enrolled in the university in a particular degree.

  • Eligibility: Student must be enrolled in a master degree program at Waterloo International University.
  • Stipend: Both partially and fully funded scholarship is available. 

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship provides tuition fee relaxation to the outstanding graduate students at the Ontario University. This scholarship is given on merit basis to all the graduate students of the University.

  • Eligibility: Graduate students of the university.
  • Stipend: Varies each year.

Ontario Trillium Scholarship

This scholarship is given to the outstanding students of the Ontario University. Scholarship can be given at all degree levels from bachelor to PhD.

  • Eligibility: Only University enrolled students
  • Stipend: $40000 awarded every year.

List of some other scholarships in Canada

Name of ScholarshipAward
University of Manitoba Graduate FellowshipThis scholarship is given to the international students and the stipend may vary each year.
Bobby Orr Entrance ScholarshipThis scholarship is given to both national and international students.
International President’s Entrance Scholarships at University of Western OntarioThis scholarship worths $50,000 each and is given to exceptional international students.
Graduate Dean’s Entrance Scholarship at University of British ColumbiaThis scholarship is offered to full time thesis based students of masters and PhD.
University of Calgary Graduate AwardThis scholarship is given to the students of Calgary University at bachelor level.
National Aboriginal Achievement FoundationThis scholarship is given to students with exceptional study background.

How to Get Scholarship to Study in Canada

Canada is considered one of the most advanced and modern countries in terms of education and technology. It comprises a great number of world-leading institutions that make its mark in the education sector. Securing admission in a Canadian university can be the dream of any hardworking student. Canada provides students an opportunity to acquire education in world top institutions and become better professionals. Experts or professionals of any field will then get a good job in a well-reputed industry. There is no doubt in the fact the education in Canada is very expensive because of which many students are unable to fulfil their dream of acquiring higher education in Canadian universities. But as there is a solution to every problem, the scholarship can be the solution to reduce the burden of education expenses in these countries. Various types of scholarships are available in Canada at various levels. Primarily there are three major types of scholarships available to fully or partially fund one’s education in Canada. First are the scholarships given to national and international students by the Canadian government, second is the scholarships given by universities themselves and third is the scholarships given by some agencies or NGOs. Please follow given links above to check your eligibility for scholarships in Canada. If you meet the criteria, please apply for scholarships in Canada and go for higher studies at a few of the world’s best universities in Canada.

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