Cancer Prevention: Eat these 10 foods regularly to decrease risk of cancer

The best way to prevent cancer is by adding foods that decrease the risk of cancer. This is the easiest, safe and affordable way of making sure you and your loved ones do not become a victim of this treacherous disease. This is why we have made a list of 10 significant foods that can reduce the development of cancer cells. We are what we ate which is why these foods drastically affect our health in many aspects. There are several foods that contain compounds that are extremely beneficial to our health. Their addition in our diet will help us lower the risk of cancer.


The first on our list Is broccoli due to several reasons. This vegetable is rich in sulforaphane that has anticancer properties. This plant compound reduced the size and number of breast cancer cells along with tumor volume by up to 50%. According to recent studies, high intake of vegetable like broccoli that contains sulforaphane lower the risk of colorectal cancer.


Several studies have proved that carrot also does a good job at decreasing the risk of certain types of cancer like prostate cancer and stomach cancer. It is a great idea to add carrots to your everyday meal.


Beans are rich in fiber which makes them a suitable choice against colorectal cancer. Consumption of beans leads to a reduced risk of tumor recurrence. It also prevents tumors and colon cancer. Beans should be consumed to increase the fiber value in our systems.

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