Completion Aid Postgraduate & PhD Scholarship at Griffith University Australia

This scholarship program is for those PhD research candidates who are at their writing up stage. The university of Griffith arranged about four aggressive competitive round every year. The Dean of the Griffith University meets with the University Dean or the nominee (who is applying for this scholarship program) to decide the award. The awardees are selected by the selection committee and who fulfills the Completion Aid Postgraduate & PhD scholarship selection criteria. The thesis should be submitted before the application expiry date. When the application starts submitting, the student must propose a completion plan that relates with the start and end dates of Completion Aid masters degree & PhD scholarship. The honoree must submit a progress report during a mid-way of scholarship tenure. The unsatisfactory report may lead to cease the scholarship for the remaining tenure.

Completion Aid Postgraduate Scholarship value & Criteria

The rate of the scholarship will be at the RTPS rate when the payment time comes. The scholarship program is funded by the Griffith University. Students who get this scholarship are requiring submitting the thesis before the scholarship tenure ends. 50% of the total scholarship will be tolerated by the student’s family or group. The scholarship duration is 12 weeks and the total scholarship amount paid in three lump sum payments. 35% of the total scholarship will be paid at a beginning, 35% when the half of the tenure is done and the remaining 30% is paid after the thesis submission or the thesis is up to the desired criteria. This scholarship is awarded to the full-time PhD scholars or who have completed 24 months period. Those who are not getting any other scholarship or living allowance can get this scholarship. Further information about the merit details of scholarship program, applying for the scholarship details, application submission opening and closing date can be seen on the below link: Official Link

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