Dealing With Stress When Studying Abroad

Can you recall the excitement you had, when you were accepted into an educational institution abroad? How happy your family, friends, and parents were. Sometimes college seems to start like a nightmare, where you come across with many stumbling blocks. There are tremendous benefits to being an international student, but every territory will do come with some restrictions that lead toward mental health issues for international students. The varied problems will have some general causes like homesickness, loneliness, cultural shock, and language barrier. The foreign student mental health gets disturbed with the foreign academic system and ultimately makes the new chapter of life tenacious. The international student stress can be significantly resolved with the foolproof strategies; which have been thoroughly discussed in this article.

How to Cope up with loneliness and homesickness

Being away from the family and friends is the big dilemma that every immigrant will be facing in one or another way. They feel nostalgic and miss everything from the familiar way of life to norms, culture, and language. Starting everything anew can be difficult but you have to be courageous and bold to cope up with the immigrant stress of loneliness. You must know that your home is 14 hours flight and hundreds of dollars away from you. You need to build proximity and association with the new place and that can be done by signing up to different social clubs, talk to people after each lecture.

It would not be wiseness to stay in a room and keep talking to your family and friends back in the home, rather you should make yourself extravert and expand your social circle to be more comfortable with new people and environment. Students need to be strong enough and strive confidently to deal with every problem.

Culture shock and the language barrier

Are you shocked and thinking, how unpredictable is everything in the new country from people to weather, perceptions, and behavior? Cultural shocks can be distressing and impact worse and become the major cause of international student stress. Initially, the natives would do treat you differently due to your different culture background. In this tough time, you need to be patient and give yourself time, be adaptable to your surrounding and sooner you will find things you love about. You don’t need to get saddened; you better come up and share the strangeness and beauty of your culture and tradition with your new friends.

It is certainly a ballsy move to study in an unfamiliar language, and believe you me, every year thousands of student dare to do it. it causes international student stress and that only can be eliminated once you start building the language skills, and your communication gap with natives is reduced to a significant extent.

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