Denmark Greencard Scheme

Denmark Greencard Scheme is three (3) years work visa for skilled personnels of various fields listed in Positive list. Started in early 2008, Danish immigration has become one of the most structured immigration system. Applicants are assessed on a point based system where points are awarded for factors given below;

  • Agedenmark-green-card-scheme-356x360
  • Academic qualification
  • Ranking of Academic institute
  • Work experience
  • Occupation in Positive List
  • Language proficiency in either English, Danish, German or Swedish
  • Studying or working stay of at least one year in any European country including Denmark

Denmark has high educational standards. Applicants from Pakistan and India need to have at least 17 years qualification for this visa. Do you have a post graduate degree? You must contact your local Denish embassy to know about qualification standards.

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