Denmark scholarships for international students

For the benefits of students, foreign institutions have signed an agreement with Danish institutions for the mutual benefits of every person who wants to travel to the other side for getting a quality education. So no matter if you are a researcher and you want to travel to Denmark, to learn some research skills or you are a teacher and want to furnish your teaching skills in other homeland or if you are a student who is selected in an exchange program. For all of you, there is a huge number of Denmark scholarships for international students who are wishing to learn in universities in Denmark. Denmark has been ranked on a second position for having the most qualified citizens. Here is a list of scholarships offered in Denmark.

Read: Eligibility Criteria For Denmark Scholarships


If you are planning to get yourself enrolled either in a Nordic or Baltic higher education institution. As per their criteria, you may study in another Nordic or Baltic country. The nordplus program of the Nordic Council of Ministers invites Nordic and Baltic institutions and organizations either they are working with or involved in education programs.

If you want to gather more education and planning to study in nordplus,  prior to admission contact national education agency and get your all queries answered.

To learn more about the nordplus program please visit.


Conditions prior to admission may vary in different institutions. Those students who luckily live in the residency of EU/EEA and Switzerland can get a chance to complete their higher studies in abroad through the Erasmus exchange program. Duration of schedule will last between 2 and 12 months which means it will be a 10 month exchange program. It is important to notify that the Erasmus exchange program has served a pivotal role in providing opportunities to more than 3 million students and serving the students to accomplish their goals as wings to their dreams since 1987.

More than 230,000 are benefitted each year which is a huge number and Erasmus is also involved in providing opportunities to over 300,000 teachers in higher education with 4,000 institutions and 33 countries participating. If still any query regarding this program is stuck up in your mind, feel free to contact the national educational agency of your country. And if you want to highlight the Erasmus exchange program selection criteria click the website of the European Commission.

Erasmus Mundus / Joint master degree

From a series of hundreds of educational programs, if you have decided to do masters without any second thought join Erasmus Mundus / joint master program. The good news is, it is not only claiming education for all it has open it’s gateways for both EU/EEA as well as for those students who are non-EU/EEA. Courses will be offered on the basis of the mutual decision of Danish institution as well as the opinion of other European universities or college will also be honored.

To learn more about the scholarship and application process without any reluctance contact individually the Erasmus master courses guide.

Fulbright Commission

They are established with different aims, they are involved in establishing the cultural understanding through an educational exchange by providing a two pay program

  • Grant program
  • Education USA advising service

This program is striving hard to foster cultural understanding between Denmark and the USA. So if you are an American scholar or a post-graduate either a master or at Ph.D. level. The Danish –American full bright commission since 1951 is based on a bi-national treaty. It is established with mutual funds of both the states and is offering the flagship international educational exchange program.

To cut it short, American students who want to complete their higher studies in Denmark no matter if you want to do phD or masters your application will easily be granted by the Fulbright Commission.

To learn more about the Fulbright program, please feel free to visit the website.

The Denmark government scholarships under the cultural agreements

This is entirely different program from others, if one has a keen interest in learning a Danish language and it’s culture and other fields which comes under the same roof such as design, architecture and environmental studies this program is purposely solely designed for you.

Scholarships for courses which are time-consuming which will take more than a year to compete will be provided also those foreign students who want to learn our native language, the language course will be scheduled for them in summers.

Those students who belong to Brazil, China, Egypt, Japan, Russia, and South Korea will be offered our long-term scholarship programs here one opportunity varies countries which are mentioned above along with the other students of 35 plus European countries can avail our summer language courses.

Learn more about the cultural agreements program and find application material on our website.

Clean your nervous system, do not fire your neurons. Remember each scholarship is providing you different opportunities. Stay calm before applying, listen to your cerebellum message and apply in your desired program nut only if you fulfill our eligibility criteria.

Denmark Scholarships for highly qualified non EU / EEA Students

Higher authorities have allotted a minimum number of seats for non-EU/EEA students. Denmark has some different standards set for our education system for us if an individual has the potential the one who is ambitious, motivated full of strength but do not have resources to study further to complete higher education. For students like them, we are providing our scholarship programs.

In order to avail our scholarship program you must be:

  • You must be a citizen of the country which is not in the premises of EU, the European economic area or Switzerland
  • You must be enrolled in a higher education program which should be a complete degree
  • Denmark must have granted you a visa, residence permit letter until you complete your education

Sorry to write, but you will be out of your selection zone if :

  • You want to get yourself enrolled in an Artistic higher education institution
  • And if at any moment you are starting to claim for the rights which are preserved for only Danish students
  • Danish aliens consolidation act $9c, subsection 1, have granted you a permission letter to reside at the time of admission and the reason behind this permit is your parent who in the past has been given a residence permit in accordance with Danish aliens consolidation act $9m but who belongs to a country that is not recognized by EU or even it is not mentioned in the EEA agreement
  • Or if you are a student that is eligible for a grant of residence permit in accordance with Danish law regarding the state education fund

Prior to applying do remember, the government scholarships can either be given as full or partial tuition fee weavers which can also cover your living cost but here the scholarships are offered by institutions themselves so before jumping into a decision enquire your all queries from the institute of your choice where you want to apply.

The Danish State Educational Support (SU)

it is only awarded to Danes, those who live in Denmark. But if you are a foreign student and you want to avail of this support. According to two set of rule,s you can apply for equal status

  • Equal status according to Danish rules
  • Equal status according to EU law

How to apply for Denmark scholarships?

  • To avail SU, a special information form is designed which will be filled by foreign students, you can also asses this page online and fill it by clicking on a receipt page. When will you apply for SU in minSU you will be able to asses this page
  • 3 weeks is the maximum time in which you have to fill it and print it out all the necessary documents will be attached along with it. Be sure to submit it after 3 weeks of making your application because the date when it will be delivered will be counted as the date of subsmission.

Remember a goal with no direction is just a wish, make your goals clear Denmark schloraship program will catalyze your wish process.

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