Eligibility Criteria For Denmark Scholarships

Scholarships are not meant to be created by compulsions but it is a key to unlocking a pure interest in knowledge. Denmark is giving free education to its citizen and also to the member of EU/EEA country or to those who are living in Switzerland. They are eligible for free education. You will not be charged a single penny. We will provide you higher education free of cost because we understand education is at the heart of both personal and community development. Denmark will invest for your quality future.

For those who belong to neither Denmark nor Switzerland, tuition ranges from 6000 Euro to 16000 Euros annually, you will be charged on the basis of your institute fees structure. The government of Denmark is investing a huge capital in education. They understand all five fingers are not equal, every individual cannot afford the expenses of higher education. Quality education is the right of every student. The story is not only about the semester fee, books purchased, house rent, transportation and food and clothes to survive are also a basic right of a human. Those students who fly from their homeland to Denmark in order to learn something from Danes. We will offer some scholarship programs to them along with some income support to make quality education affordable and accessible to you.

No tuition fee for EU/EEA Citizens

Remember higher education in Denmark is freely accessible to you. If you either live in Denmark or you are a member of EU/EEA or Switzerland you will not have to pay tuition fee here a point is highlighted which adds value for students which have come through an exchange program is they will be treated the same way as Danes are treated, so if you are a student who is coming to Denmark through an exchange program you don’t have to pay a single penny to us. We are making you hassle-free so you can have your focus only on your studies, comforting you by making you free from all the worries like who is going to bear your expenses? For potential students like you we just want you, to focus on your studies, have a keen interest in your education and leave rest on us. Any student at the time of admission, if you are having an application with these permit letters you will be eligible for scholarships in Denmark.

  • Permanent residence permit ( ‘permanent opholdstilladelse’) which will ensure us you will not leave the program in the middle, you have an assessment to reside in Denmark permanently and you will be involved in a full-time program and as an active participant in Denmark University.
  • Temporary residence permit that can be upgraded to a permanent one ( ‘midlertidig opholdstilladelse mmf varigt ophold’). To make you clear either if you have a temporary residence permit or permanent residence permit with you at the time of admission. No tuition fee will be charged from you
  • Residence permit as the accompanying child of a non-EU/EEA parent who is accessible to hold a residence permit based on their employment.

Everyone dreams, but there are only a few people who are working hard to accomplish their goals. A financial budget is not necessary for a scholarship program. We only want to see your potential which will make you the strongest candidate for a scholarship program. All other candidates which are not falling in any of these categories will be charged tuition fees.

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