Engineering Scholarships in USA for international students

USA has been kind in terms of giving away scholarships in engineering. Choosing a career path is one of the most difficult tasks to do, and engineering is a highly competitive and complex education field. Not every student seeks career into this field mainly because of the financial constraints of the university life, and it makes it difficult for students coming from a middle-class background to survive the harshness of the fees while maintaining the grades. Scholarships in engineering are no doubt a way to slacken the pressure of exorbitant fees on student’s shoulders. Below are some remarkable engineering scholarships in the USA for international students.

The Global Leaders Fellowship:

The Global Leaders Fellowship program by George Washington University brings the scholarship opportunities for new incoming graduate students. The eligibility criteria: students holding F-1 visa or if they have applied to F-1 visa are eligible only. Minimum score of 600 on a paper based test, and 100 on an internet based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or an IELTS band score of 7.5 with no individual score band below 6.0 is required as a part of a successful application process.

Rice University Engineering Scholarship in USA

This scholarship is for the students applying for master’s program in Rice University, and to help students of engineering. The scholarship will be awarded in the field of engineering to help students to focus on studies rather than the worries of paying the fees.

Eligibility Criteria: For a student to be eligible for the scholarship he/she must have been graduated from Rice University in the field of engineering with a minimum GPA of 3.5.

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Boston University College for Engineering Scholarship for First-Year Students in USA.

Boston University College for Engineering brings an exceptional opportunity for students dreaming to follow their career in Engineering. It is providing students with engineering scholarship for first year students in USA.

AAUW International Fellowships in USA for Women.

 American Association of University Women brings up the scholarship for women for graduate and post graduate level. This International Fellowship program is for international students who find it so hard to find the right place to study with minimum possible fees.  American Association of University Women understands the hardships students go through when it comes to paying the fees.

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility criteria for this program is that the student must be have the citizenship other than U.S.A. Must have given test of TOEFL and should upload recent score of TOEFL.

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International Fulbright Science and Technology Scholarships

Fulbright scholarships are for international students applying opting for different fields, but the students who want to apply for engineering they have scholarships available in Engineering (electrical, chemical, civil, mechanical, ocean, and petroleum).

To be eligible for this program, students must have a citizenship of a country where this program is active, and one should apply though the Fulbright Commission or U.S Embassy. Another criteria for eligibility is that the student must have completed Bachelor’s.

Participants who will be selected would be provided with

•  vouchers for TOEFL,GRE General and GRE Subject exams,
•  tuition and fee coverage,
•  monthly stipend,
•  book and equipment payment,
•  allowance on research,
•  conference grant,
•  travel accomodation,
•  health and accident coverage, and
•  specially tailored enhancement activities.

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ICSP Scholarships at University of Oregon USA:

International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) brings about the opportunity for international students who are highly intelligent, but cannot afford fees to apply for desired fields of education in USA. Oregon University, USA is the most phenomenal university of the USA and takes care of the needs of international students.

Eligibility criteria: for the students seeking scholarship under this program is that the student must be a citizen of any country, but NOT of USA. The candidates must admit fully to the Oregon University. Candidates must show the financial need and should maintain their GPA to 3.0. Candidates should complete their 80 hours per year in the services of cultural activities as it is a requirement. For more information and application visit website:

Amelia Earhart Fellowship

 This Fellowship awards US$10,000 per annum to 30 brilliant women, chasing their education Ph.D./doctoral degrees in aerospace sciences or aerospace engineering. Women are encouraged to apply and they can be of any nationality, but if they are brilliant and have ability to pursue their education in this field then they should go for Amelia Earhart Fellowship. This fellowship will help you with your education, and will accommodate in your studies free from any mental pressure of paying excessive amount of fees. Aerospace engineering is the emerging field and not many institutions offer scholarships for that course, and this scholarship is for women and women are encouraged to apply.

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Malcolm R. Stacey Memorial Scholarship

UCLA offers fellowship to UCLA’s students of engineering to make it easy for the students to continue their studies with the aim of achieving high and without the notion of paying too much attention on “how to pay the fees”. UCLA believes that every individual should be given opportunity to learn and grow without thinking of the unnecessary matters like fees. For eligibility criteria, a student must be from engineering background and must be a current graduate student.

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Graduate Student Grant-in-aid Award Program

It is a grant aid given to the students of AMERICAN SOCIETY OF HEATING, REFRIGERATING AND AIR-CONDITIONING ENGINEERS, INC to help them cover their studies with ease. It is a grant given to them to complete their studies with better grades. For the eligibility criteria a student must be a student of American society of heating, refrigerating, and air conditioning engineers, inc.

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Berkeley Graduate Division: Graduate Fellowships and Awards and Extramural Scholarships

Incoming students are encouraged to apply for Berkeley scholarships for graduate level studies. Extramural scholarships are available for international students. There are number of Churchill Scholarships for engineering, and students are encouraged to apply. These scholarships are not really common, but they are real. For more information visit their website:

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