Environmental Science Scholarships for Studying in USA

Environmental science is a vast field because ecosystem itself is very extensive; so, studies dedicated to each part and phenomenon of nature group into environmental sciences. Scientists are working relentlessly for new discoveries which may prove beneficial for the welfare of mankind. On the other hand, industrial and other man-made processes are leading to the deterioration of our environment. Environment scientists work to discover the hidden secrets of nature as well as devise techniques to lower the damage caused to the environment. In the United States a lot of organizations are working for the protection and preservation of the nature and the environment. These organizations have devised many scholarships for environmental science studies to promote awareness and develop students’ interest in this branch of science. Some universities in the US also have scholarships for environmental science students, exclusively.

Below is a list of scholarships for environmental science studies at the universities in USA which the students can avail:

American Geophysical Union (AGU) scholarships for environmental science students

AGU is an international non-profit organization, consisting of about 62,000 members, for the promotion of Earth related Sciences. A lot of scholarships for environmental science students at undergraduate and post graduate level are available. The students may check the full list of scholarships and grants here to see which one is suitable for them.

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National Gardens Club (NGC) scholarships for environmental science students

NGC was formed to educate the people regarding the art of gardening and maintaining the gardens. Now it offers scholarships for environmental science students in form of financial aid who are majoring in horticulture, preservation of the environment, floral or landscape design etc. Click here if you want to check your eligibility for these scholarships.

Brower Youth Awards

Brower Youth Award was established to acknowledge the efforts put in by young people aged 13 to 22 constructing different projects or systems for the preservation of environment. Six awards are granted annually so that these bright students may afford to get education in this discipline. Visit their site if you are interested in applying for this award.

Brown and Caldwell Scholarships for environmental engineering students

Brown and Caldwell company offers a lot of scholarships for mechanical, civil and environmental engineering students. The motto of this company is to provide smart environmental friendly engineering solutions. Visit their site to see the list of scholarships.

National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) scholarships for environmental science students

NEHA is an organization for promoting research in environment related studies. That is why it gives a lot of funds and scholarships for environmental science studies at undergraduate and post graduate level. Visit the site for more information related to environmental science scholarships.

National Science Foundation (NSF) scholarships for environmental science students

NSF was established to encourage scientific advancement without compromising on the environment and ecosystem. That is why it offers a lot of scholarships for environmental sciences as well as other science subjects. Direct to this link to view the scholarships and grants they provide.

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) fellowship opportunities for environmental science students

EDF offers fellowship opportunities to environmental science post graduate students who are interested in learning environment’s sustainability and maintenance. Apply for the fellowship opportunities here.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scholarships of environmental science students

NOAA was founded specifically for the studies related to ocean and marine environment. Scholarships for environmental science students with an interest in marine environment protection and preservation are available here.

Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) scholarships for geophysics students

Undergraduate scholarships for environmental science with a major in geoscience and geophysics are funded by SEG. Students can view all the scholarships along with eligibility criteria over here.

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) scholarships for students pursuing environmental sciences

ORISE was founded by US Department of Energy for studies dedicated to preventing the deterioration of the environment. A lot of fellowships, internships and scholarships for students pursuing environmental sciences are available. Students can view all these educational opportunities over here.

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