Facts about International Students in Australia 2017

Department of Education & Training has issues stats about international students in Australia. According to May 2017 figures, there are 502,544 international students which are half a million. This is 14% higher than the international student enrolled in May 2016. According to given figures, 53% of the students come from 5 most populated countries. Highest number of international students come from China and India followed by Malaysia, Nepal & Vietnam. China alone contribute 30% of the total international students in Australia.

Most of the international students come for their higher education while second highest percentage of international students follow their dream of having vocational education & training. International students who come for higher education amount to 50% of the total number of international students in Australia. Students coming for higher education in Australia in 2017 is 15% higher than the students coming for same level of education in 2016. One of the main reason why so many international students choose Australia for their higher studies is the fact that Australian higher education institutes offer numerous scholarships and awards to international students. they Have a look at this info-graph by Department of education & Training, Australia.
Facts about International Students in Australia

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