Feeling unlucky? Story of International Students in the U.S.A

Hundreds of thousands of international students come to USA for their higher studies. After completing their programs, some apply for Optional Practical Training Visa (OPT) and others have to head back to their home countries. After spending year and half on OPT visa, if international students want to stay in USA, they must need a sponsorship. But.. after securing sponsorship for you, luck still may be not in your favor. Your fate will be decided through randomly selected applicants through computer program which is also called lottery system.

For students from developing countries, student visa is easiest way to move to developed countries like USA, UK, Australia and Canada. To avoid misuse of their student visa system, Australia has Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements in-place which must be fulfilled in order to get Australian student visa. Similarly other countries, including USA, hardly scrutinize international student visa applicants. Watch this video to know what you may go through after spending years in USA.

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