How to Find & Get Part Time student jobs in Australia

As an international student, you are not allowed to work full time in Australia and can only work 40 hours per fortnight. Students are required to ficus on their studies and Australian Government make sure that Australian student visa laws are not being used by the people whose genuine intention of coming to Australia is not studies but they are just using this path to work in Australia. For this reason, only part time working is allowed and student visa can be cancelled if any international student is found in breach of these visa conditions. Australia is a well-known country with the World’s most famous and recognized universities when it comes to education. Getting an admission in the Australian university itself is a big milestone to achieve. Afterwards, the next big hurdle waiting for you is to make both ends meet. Students start finding a part time job either to support their financial expenses or for gaining job experience that would be helpful for them after completing their studies.

The best thing about Australia is that you can work for up to 40 hours per 2 weeks in a semester. This time period is increased to unlimited work during your semester vacations.

Get a Student bank account & tax File Number

You need a bank account and tax file number (TFN) to get paid for your part time work as an international student in Australia.

First, make an account in any bank in Australia. So that your boss can deposit your salaries directly into your account. Then apply for Tax File number from Australian Taxation Office. It is to certify that you are not being charged at a rate higher than normal. Beware of your job rights. You should know how much exactly you have to be paid for your respective job. Some employers trap you to complete their unpaid work. Stay away from such people. Be very careful while signing any sort of agreement with the employers.

What can you do as an international student?

The first and the foremost step of finding a job in Australia is to be clear about the kind of job you are looking for. Legally you can do any kind of job until and unless you are breaching your visa conditions. Whatever you do, you must have to abide by rules and work only within the limit which is 40 hours per fortnight. You need to see your convenience, class timings, location etc. Like whether you would be able to manage your studies with your work or not. Don’t forget your main purpose of living in an expensive country like Australia i.e. education.

These are the kinds of jobs that you can find in Australia:-

  • You can work as a helping guy in small stores or a large departmental store. These stores sell many items from clothes to electronics.
  • Students can also find jobs in restaurants, hotels and cinemas. They can also become a part of take away food staff.
  • They are also involved in giving services to the people such as petrol stations and call centres etc.
  • This would prove to be very helpful for your future if you are lucky enough in acquiring a job related to you field. Like sometimes, students find job at the radio stations, industries etc.

How to find Part time Student jobs?

The next big hurdle is how to find it. You need to make your resume first. Your educational and professional qualifications must be mentioned on it. Review your resume before applying to any job. There shouldn’t be any grammatical mistakes. After all, it’s the matter of your profession.

Few useful job search link in Australia

  • Seek job portal
  • Gumtree jobs
  • Adzuna student jobs
  • Ask your college/university as a number of Australian colleges and universities help international students to find part time jobs. They may be in-house opportunities which will be very convenient for you

Visit any nearby store and drop your resume there. Meet their manager and ask him if there is any vacancy available for you. And even if they don’t, request them to give you a call whenever they have any suitable job for you. Also, you can search on internet. There are sites available on the internet that can guide you in finding an appropriate job. You can also contact the administration of your university and inquire about the part time jobs you are interested in. They might prove helpful in finding you a suitable job so that you can bear your financial expenses.

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