Australian Citizenship Interview call after 21 months

I applied for Australian citizenship on 27th April 2017. Just a week after Liberals introduced new citizenship laws and made them effective immediately even the bill wasn't approved by Senate yet. The new amendments wanted citizenship applicants to stay in Australia for at least 4 years on a permanent visa before they can apply for citizenship. While previously you just have to wait for 12 months on a permanent residence visa.

I applied on 27 April 2017 and there was a huge backlog of citizenship applications as the Bill was in the Parliament to be approved. The government didn't have a majority to pass the bill so it was thrown out of the Parliament by the opposition. At that time, the immigration department sent an email saying that since new citizenship amendments have been rejected by the Parliament so your application will be processed under old laws. A big relief... but after that, there was no communication at all regarding my application. Today on 23rd January 2019, I have got an appointment for my citizenship test and interview. Let's see how long it takes when I hold my Australian citizenship certificate.
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