Free internships in USA for Indian students

There is no doubt that internships play an important part in completing your education program. Not only are internships good for your resume since they add up your work experience, but they also help you in learning so much practically about your field. You must be aware of the current competitive job market, which is why it is incredibly important to find top international internships that can help you in building up a top-notch resume for advancing your professional career. Furthermore, it will also help you in making connections in your respective field.

If you are an Indian student who went to the USA for higher studies, then it is crucial for you to find an internship that can help you with your professional career in the future. If you are planning to go back home these summer vacations, then put that ticket away and start finding free internships in the USA for Indian students. Here are some free internships for you to take a look at.


If you are looking for a good internship program in the field of the technical analyst, banking analyst or markets analyst, then you should check out JP Morgan since they are hiring new interns to work on their company’s new software. Their internship program will help you in learning how to deal with complex problems regarding the technical aspects. As an intern, you will get to attend conferences, understand marketing techniques and learn how to research properly. You can visit their official website to apply for the internship, and if you get shortlisted, then they will get in touch with you.


Mostly Indian students go abroad to study business since there is a lot of scope in this field which is why if you are also one of those international students who came to the USA for getting a business degree then you must be looking for an internship program in this field. Google; we all know what that it. Google internships are known for offering internships in a variety of fields including marketing, business, finance, communication, account management, etc. You can apply for a summer internship at Google and get a paid opportunity to work for them. Many MBA graduates and software engineers take up the summer internships at Google. You will get the chance to explore the work process at Google and learn how to work in a complex environment. Visit their official website to get more details about how to apply for the Google summer internships.

USC Summer Internships

The wait is finally over. The University of South California is offering summer internships for both undergraduate and postgraduate students from all around the world. So, if you are an Indian student who came all the way to the USA for pursuing a degree in any of the fields mentioned below, then you should definitely apply for the USC summer internship program.

  • Natural language processing
  • Machine learning
  • Statistical modeling
  • Machine translation

The best thing about this internship is that it is paid and open to people from all across the world. So, if you are thinking about applying to the USC summer internship program, then visit their official website for more information.


Another great place to apply for internships in the USA is at Nestle since they offer 3 months paid internship program in the sales department. This internship is offered to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, however, if you are a postgraduate student then if they get impressed by your work as an intern they may end up hiring you as a full-time employee too. The best part about working as an intern at Nestle is that you get to learn about Nestle products and different sale strategies. You will learn all about Nestle and its competitors. Visit their official portal now to apply for their internship program before all the slots get filled.

World Bank

You must already be aware of the fact that landing an internship at the World Bank would be so great for your resume. Many internships are being offered by the World Bank in Washington DC so if you live around that area then miss out on these incredible internships. If you are looking for an internship program in the fields of economics, human development, environment, agriculture, finance and social science, then you should definitely apply at the World Bank by visiting their official website. They open their internships in summers for 1-3 months. The best thing about the World Bank internships is that the interns also get paid on an hourly basis, which can help them in so many aspects.


All the Indian students who come to the USA for their higher studies in the fields of business and computers try their best to land jobs at Microsoft. Microsoft is the best place for internships if you have a business or computers background without any doubt. If you get the chance to intern at Microsoft, then it will be phenomenal for your resume, and you will be able to land a highly paid job at any top-notch company.

Yes, the hiring process at Microsoft takes a lot of time since hundreds and thousands of students apply for their internship program, and they only pick the best out of them. All this waiting time is totally worth it since the experience that you will gain at Microsoft is incomparable. A 3-4 months long internship program is offered at Microsoft for students related to the business, computers and technical fields. Even though it is a free internship program, but still a few selected candidates get paid based on their performance. If you want to learn more about their internship program, and how to apply for it, then visit their official website.

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