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Education is basic right for everyone. Many countries offer free education to their citizens. European countries are on top of the list of countries which offer free study not only to their citizens but also every qualifying person regardless of the fact where he/she belongs to. Europe has accumulated area of 10,180,000 square km comprising around 50 countries. This is one of largest geographical block on the earth where this many countries share borders, currency and many cultural norms.

Free study absolutely does not comprise on quality and integrity of education. Most of the European institutes offering free education have roots in 17th and 18th centuries. They are amongst the leading institutes in the world. However they do not charge tuition fee from enrolled students as all of their budget os funded by their governments. Not all but six countries offer fully free education to the students coming from more than 180 countries. These countries are;
Free Study In Europe Germany Austria Norway Finland

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Sweden

Denmark and Sweden have changed their education policy in recent years and only offer free education to European citizens only. Students belonging to other countries must pay tuition fee to pursue their studies. Austria, Finland, Germany and Norway exclusively charge no tuition fees from any student who qualifies their enrolment procedure. However this is a known fact that these universities and colleges charge much low fee than other universities in developed countries.

How to apply for free study in Europe

Due to high academic standards, all European universities have tough merit. These universities prefer students with excellent grades in their previous degrees. Here we can quote one example of Technical University of Munich. This university is ranked 53rd in the world. To apply for study in European universities which offer free education, you must meet their application criteria. Academic sessions in these Austria, Finland, Germany and Norway starts twice a year. For Spring session, you can apply in October to November and for autumn session, applications start from May.

Once you qualify for the admission, you can will be able to apply for student visa for free study. As these countries do not charge any tuition fee so they require incoming students to meet certain financial conditions. These conditions include showing money which you are going to spend during your stay as a student. We have written separate article for how to apply for study in all countries where you can get free study. Click on each to read more details.

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