How to apply for Tuition Free Education Student Visa in Finland

Universities in Finland do not charge tuition fee and offer free education to all students who secure a place on merit. Thousands of local and international students apply for free education in Finland so selection criteria are tough and strictly on merit. This opens the opportunity for thousands of students to come for free study in Finland. Over the years, Finnish universities have earned a very good name in academic excellence.

How to apply for free education in Finland

free education in FinlandFinnish universities have high educational standards so admission criteria are bit higher than other European countries. The free study in Finland is available at all bachelor, master and doctorate levels. To apply for bachelor degree, you can go to this link to apply online. However, universities directly accept applications for postgraduate programs. Unlike other European countries, universities in Finland take an entrance exam for admission into bachelor programs. You can not get admission until you pass that test. For overseas students, this entrance test is conducted at the Finnish embassy or consulate in that country. Universities also require language competency if your intended program is in English. For degrees which are conducted in the Finnish language, they offer preparatory Finnish language courses before starting the main program.

Proof of funds for Finland student visa application


Finland does not charge tuition fees but all students who secure admission in Finland university have to show that they have enough funds or their living cost in Finland. Students need amount in their bank account equal to living cost for one-year even if their study program is of longer duration. Please consider following points when preparing bank statement to apply free education student visa for Finland.

  • Student visa bank statement should be on student’s own name
  • You need to provide at least 3 months bank statement
  • Required amount (One-year living cost) should be maintained in students’ bank account throughout 3 months period
  • You need to provide a source of income where this income has come from in your account
  • If you claim of selling real estate property, a valid sale-deed need to be attached with student visa application for free education in Finland
  • If you were employed, then you need to attach your payslips for the last 3 months with the bank statement
  • Finland visa officer may ask you further questions or even proof of income during the visa interview

Tuition Free Universities in Finland

Almost all public universities in Finland are free, however private institutes charge tuition fees as usual. We are listing a few of the public universities here with a link to their official sites;

Document checklist for free education admission visa for Finland

List of required documents may vary country to country. The best way to find a complete list of required documents for Finland student visa is to contact your local Finland embassy or consulate. You must contact your nearest Finland embassy. Here is a standard list of documents which are required by most of the Finnish consulates around the globe.

  • Letter of admission from a university in Finland
  • Four recent photographs (Size 35mm x 45mm with white background)
  • Travel document or passport valid for at least 6 months
  • All academic certificates duly attested and verified by issuing authorities
  • Proof of funds held in your personal account which should be available during your stay in Finland
  • Character clearance certificate from your local police office

There is no Finland embassy or consulate in my country

There are many countries where Finland does not have a functional embassy or consulate office. In such case, you need to find out of Denmark or Sweden embassy in your country if offering visa services for Finland. If no other embassy is offering visa services for Finland then you need to get an appointment and travel to a neighboring country where you will present your Finland visa application and appear for a visa interview. International students from Pakistan visit Finland embassy in UAE for visa application and visa interview.