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Free Study In Finland – All You Want To Know
by Ideabroad
Aug 8, 2016 / 0 comments

Finland is quite and one of the loveliest place on earth. All government universities in Finland are public funded so they do not charge any tuition fee. This opens opportunity to thousands of students to come for free study in Finland. Finland borders with Sweden, Norway and Russia. With 5.4 millions population (2011) Finland is economically strong country. Finnish universities have earned very good name in academic excellence.

Free Study in Finland

Almost all public universities in Finland are free, however private institutes charge tuition fees as usual. We are listing few of the public universities here with link to their official sites;

How to Apply

free education in FinlandFinnish universities have high educational standards so admission criteria is bit higher than other European countries. Free study in Finland is available at all bachelor, master and doctorate levels. To apply for bachelor degree, you can go to this link to apply online. However universities directly accepts applications for post graduate programs. Unlike other European countries, universities in Finland take entrance exam for admission into bachelor programs. You can not get admission until you pass that test. For overseas students, this entrance test is conducted at Finnish embassy or consulate in that country. Universities also require language competency if your intended program is in English. For degrees which are conducted in Finnish language, they offer preparatory language courses before starting main program.


Documents for Finland Student Visa Application

List of required documents may vary country to country. You must contact your Nearest Finland Embassy. We are listing standard list of documents which are required by most of the Finnish consulates around the globe.

  • Letter of admission from university in Finland
  • Four recent photographs (Size 35mm x 45mm with white background)
  • Travel document or passport valid for at least 6 months
  • All academic certificates duly attested and verified by issuing authorities
  • Proof of funds held in your personal account which should be available during your stay in Finland
  • Character clearance certificate from your local police office

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