Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirement for Australia Student Visa Subclass 500

The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) document is basically an integrity measure to ensure that your stay in Australia would be for educational purpose. Since 2011, GTE is one of the main factors that a Australia student visa officer considers while assessing student visa application. Australia immigration department ensures that the students who is applying for Australian student visa is genuinely motivated to complete their studies and is NOT using Australia student visa as a pathway to maintain an ongoing residency in Australia. Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement DOES NOT stop students from applying further visas. This is just a measure to stop people misusing Australian higher education system to gain work and permanent Australian visas. If visa officer is not satisfied with the documents and facts to prove that your are a Genuine Temporary Entrant, your student visa can be refused. Read here the reasons why your Australian student visa can be refused?

Why Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) is necessary?

This GTE requirement is applicable to all the people who apply for student visa. There is an officer who accesses your Visa Application make sure that whether your individual circumstances indicate that your stay in Australia would be temporary and you will come back to your homeland after completing your education. If you are capable of satisfying that officer that you have a true intention of staying in Australia temporarily just for study purpose and you surely come back, your chances of getting a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) increases.

Who Fulfills GTE requirement?

When you apply for Australian Student Visa, you must provide clear evidence of meeting the GTE requirement in your application form. Your application must include a good understanding of your circumstances and duly response to the question asked in the form. You must also provide all the necessary documents in order to nicely support the claims that you have made in the statement of purpose such as a copy of educational qualifications or evidence of employment. You need to include a statement of purpose (SOP) which is crucial part of your student visa application. Statement of purpose is used by Australian student visa officer to assess your eligibility for Australian student visa (Sunclass 500). Statement of purpose must include following understanding;

  • Your previous qualification & Employment history
  • Why you applying for the chosen degree/course
  • What is the relevance of this selected program with your previous qualification & employment
  • Explanation of any gap between your study and professional career (if any)
  • Why you have selected the university/institute where you are going to study in Australia
  • How will this qualification will help you in future
  • You future plans after completion of the study in Australia

Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement for Australia student visa

You should write the statement yourself even if you are using the services of a visa agent in this process. You should be able to create a nice statement that should address the GTE requirement given in the application form. Try to write this statement in English. If you are not comfortable in writing the statement in English, you may write it in your own native language and then make it translated by some other individual in English. Keep in mind that the decision to provide you Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) is entirely based on how clearly you provide the information in your application form.

Ministerial Direction No. 69 about Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement

The Minister of Immigration has laid out certain important factors that the officers of Department of Immigration should consider while accessing the GTE requirement under the Ministerial Direction under Section 499 of the Migration Act. These important factors are listed down:

  1. Socioeconomic circumstances in your home country
  2. Gap between your education (if any)
  3. Your employment history after your last qualification (if any)
  4. Gap between your employment (if any)
  5. Your potential circumstances in Australia
  6. Value of the course to your future
  7. Your previous immigration history
  8. Intentions of the parent, legal guardian or spouse – where the applicant is under 18
  9. Other relevant matters

If you get through all these above-mentioned factors in a good way, you will be provided with a Genuine Temporary Entrant.

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