Get Required IELTS or PTE Score for Permanent Residence in Australia

It is entirely your decision if you want to take IELTS OR PTE, as passing only one of them is necessary for Australian permanent residence visa. IELTS & PTE are English proficiency tests for non-native English language speakers, taken on an International level. If you want to apply for permanent residency in Australia, then you must get IELTS or PTE. In most of the cases, you will only be able to apply for permanent residence in Australia, only if you secure at least 7 bands in each section of the IELTS or PTE. If you have gathered enough points in other point scoring factors like age, qualification & work experience, you may not need 7 bands in IELTS or equivalent PTE score because permanent residence visas are points based.
IELTS consist of four sections including listening, reading, writing and speaking while PTE has 3 sections listening & reading, speaking & writing are combined. If you manage to get a perfect score in all these sections, then you will be eligible to apply for Australian permanent residence. However, this is not an easy task at all. There are a lot of people who do not get a perfect score in IELTS or PTE for Australian permanent residence, even though they studied for them.

People try so hard to get 7 in all the sections, but they only manage to get 7 in 2 sections or 3 sections and get 6.5 in one section, so they do not meet the criteria to apply for Australian permanent residence. This result shows us that even 0.5 matters so much and just because of that 0.5 you will have to take the test again. However, you can follow these steps to get your required score in IELTS or PTE for Australian permanent residence:

Choose the right test (IELTS or PTE)

You should choose the most suitable test for you. If you are looking for an easy test, then you should not opt either of the tests, because both IELTS and PTE are not simple at all and require hard work. The difference between IELTS and PTE is that PTE is taken on a computer, whereas IELTS is taken on paper. If you have basic computer skills and responsive on screens, then you should try PTE, but if you don’t, then it is suggested for you to take IELTS. PTE has a plus point for the new generation as all of them are very familiar with computers. Another difference between PTE and IELTS is that PTE consists of 20 short tasks, while IELTS comprises of 5 long tasks. It doesn’t mean that any of these tests is easy.

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Practice again and again

‘Practice’ is the key to success. You should prepare as much as you can if you want to get the perfect score in IELTS or PTE. There are many websites, which offer pre-IELTS and pre-PTE tests. These tests will help you to understand the structure of the test as well as it will guide you how to complete the test in the given time limit. As these tests are just like the actual IELTS and PTE, it will teach you how to attempt the questions.

Listen to English news channels

For the listening test, you should switch to English news channels and spend a quality time to understand what they are saying. If you are in contact with any native English speaker, then you should try to have a conversation with them as it will help you in both listening and speaking sections.

Do your research

It is always good to know beforehand, about what you are signing in for. Before applying for either of the tests, you should do a thorough research on both. You should be able to understand the basic structure of the test and what kind of questions will be asked in each of the sections. It is important to prepare yourself for the given time to solve the test as many people complain about not being able to complete the test. These tests are not easy at all and require a lot of hard work.

Buy a preparation book

Most of the times, questions do get repeated in IELTS and PTE, which is why it is important to buy a preparation book including the past papers. Go through the past papers to be well prepared. You can find many IELTS and PTE preparation books in stores. The book will prepare you for managing to attempt all the questions in the given time limit, understanding all the questions, answering techniques and how each section of the test will be treated. To get the required score in IELTS or PTE, solve as many sample tests or past papers as you can.

Be prepared

If you didn’t get the required score in IELTS or PTE for Australian permanent residence without preparing, then most likely you will fail again. Do not apply for the test if you are not thoroughly prepared. There is no chance that you will be able to get the required score if you have not done enough hard work and are not completely prepared. It is important to be fully prepared and then apply for IELTS or PTE. You should not waste your time by applying for a test for which you are not even prepared. Many people prepare for these tests, but still, fail to get the required score for Australian permanent residence, and if you think that you can get the required score next time without studying, then you are completely wrong. ‘Try again until you succeed’ works only in one condition, which is to do better and prepare better than you did the last time. Do as much preparation as possible if you want to get the perfect score in IELTS or PTE.

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