Health Insurance For Australia Student Visa

Overseas Student Health Cover (OHSC) is compulsory to apply for Australia student visa. This cover is required to meet your hospital and medical expenses. Having health cover gives you insurance and peace of mind for such urgent expenses. All students must include proof of health cover before applying for Australia student visa. Health cover is required not only for student bit is also required for all dependents included in the student visa application. Most likely all students need this except the applicants belonging to these three countries;

  • Norwegian students
  • Swedish students
  • Belgian students

Health Insurance For Australia Student VisaStudents from Norway, Sweden and Belgium are already covered under equivalent health covers in their own countries which remain valid in Australia.

Getting an overseas student health cover is responsibility of student. They can arrange this themselves but colleges and universities in Australia also help to get OSHC. Your institute will ask you if you want them arrange health cover for you and your family. However if you want to get yourself, here is a list of top overseas student health cover providers;

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