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Highest Rated Chemistry Master Programs in Australian

Master degree in Chemistry is a great initiative to enhance your research skills. Thanks to academic research, chemistry has got several classifications over the past two decades. Linking it with human and computer sciences have created completely separate education fields that gave us a vast understanding of using emerging technologies with raw elements discovered by ancient scientists.

Master of Science (Chemistry)University of Melbourne40,960
Master of BiotechnologyUniversity of Melbourne40,960
Master of Engineering (BiochemicalUniversity of Melbourne41,344
Master of Engineering (Chemical)University of Melbourne43,008
Master of Engineering (Chemical and Business)University of Melbourne43,008
Master of Philosophy (Science)University of Melbourne40,832
Doctor of Philosophy (Science)University of Melbourne40,832
Master of Philosophy (Science)The University of Sydney46,500
Master of Environmental ScienceThe University of Sydney46,500
Doctor of Philosophy (Science)The University of Sydney46,500
Doctor of Philosophy (Biology and Chemistry)Deakin University37,800
Master of Science (Biology and Chemical Sciences)Deakin University37,800
Master of Science (Chemistry)Edith Cowan University32,000
Master of Chemical SciencesLa Trobe University35,400
Master of Science ResearchUniversity of Technology Sydney19,840 -34,080
Master of ScienceJames Cook University37,600
Master of ScienceUniversity of New England31,500 (please check the link)
Master of Science (Chemistry)Flinders University34,800 (please check the link)
Master of Applied Science (Research)University of Canberra35,100
Master of Applied Science (Chemistry)University of Tasmania28,950
Master of Science (Applied Chemistry)RMIT University33,600

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