How governments can cope with unemployment due to coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus is a deadly virus affecting a large number of people in the world to date. As people from all over the world are getting affected by it day by day and still no way is devised to stop its spread effectively, people are made to stay in their homes to stop their contact with each other. This situation has made the masses leave their offices or whatever was their workplace and stay at home. And the company or firm owners have started to fire as many people as they can as they are unable to manage their salaries if people will not work for them. All this has created an environment of unemployment in every country. Unemployment due to lockdown has made people stressed. It is the need of the hour that governments all over the world should take initiatives to cope with this condition of unemployment due to coronavirus lockdown. Coronavirus lockdown is not restricted to any one country or nation. At present, the whole world is facing lockdown due to coronavirus and all the other conditions created as a consequence of it. To decrease this strain of unemployment created in almost every country, below is a list of initiates that the government can take in order to cope with unemployment due to coronavirus lockdown.

Develop a business community plan

Governments should take steps to a device such as financial plans that create easiness for the business community so that the trade of the country doesn’t get disturbed and there remains a balance between the import and export of the country. If the business community of a country is not facilitated, there is a risk that the economy of the country may collapse resulting in the economic decline of the country. The business community is always the backbone of a country’s economy as they are involved in almost every sector of the industry including agriculture, construction, and raw material industry etc. Keeping all the business class activities during the corona crisis can reduce unemployment to a large extent.

Free health facilities

To reduce the chance of unemployment and poverty during coronavirus crisis-free medical and testing services should be provided to all the citizens so that the pandemic gets identified quickly. The faster the infected people get identified, the faster it can be controlled. Once the pandemic is under control, people can get back to their jobs. So keeping the health facilities free of cost means they are accessible to everyone and this can help eradicate the situation faster.

Less taxation

If government devices such as plans according to which government gives some initiatives or relaxation in the taxes people pay, then owners and landlords will be able to pay their employees while they are sitting at home. So this can prove to be a very important step in decreasing the ratio of unemployment during this pandemic. Another very important thing that governments should be doing in this regard is to make this law implemented forcefully at both ends.

Provide temporary and timely cash flow

One very important step that can be taken by the governments in order to save their country from a financial deficit is to create a temporary and artificial flow of money in the international market. This not only keeps the country’s economy stable but also keeps a check on the irregular rise in inflation. The country’s economy is judged by the amount of money they have invested in the international market that can be either in terms of stock exchange thus creating an artificial flow of money keeps a country stable and well going. In the present scenario, governments must be doing so in order to keep a check on the inflation in the country. If not, inflation in the country may rise resulting in more people losing their businesses and factories, etc thus resulting in unemployment in the country.

Give relief to firms that can be bankrupted

Another very important initiative that is to be taken by the government is to provide relief to firm owners that are new in the market or are under heavy loads. This can be done by giving them ease in providing bank installments for the time being or free them from all government taxes. Doing so can help ease the investors so that they can keep paying their employees hence country can be saved from unemployment in the current situation of a pandemic.

Digitalise most sectors

The current situation of the coronavirus pandemic has restricted the people from working in gatherings and because of this office work has come to an end. In order to keep the work going, governments along with the help of private firms need to digitalize their workspace so that everyone can work from their home. Every employee needs to have a laptop and an internet connection to be connected to their office. Doing so can decrease unemployment to a large extent.

Provide online job opportunities

Doing all the above measures is still not enough as there are many other sectors that can still can unemployed due to this pandemic. For this very reason, governments need to create multiple online job opportunities suitable for every class of citizens. This should be done to provide job opportunities to those who have become jobless due to the prevailing pandemic.

Decrease the burden of loans or debt on people

People who are under loans or debt in the country like those who have taken a loan to run a business especially should be relaxed by the government these days as their businesses are already shut down due to the pandemic. If governments provide them the relief they should be strictly ordered not to fire any of their employees and pay them their due salary each month. Implementing these orders on a stricter ground will help people not to get unemployed during this deadly pandemic.

Government Companies or firms should be ordered not to fire any employee during the lockdown period

The government should not fire any of its employees or deprive them of salaries during this period of uncertainty. If the government would keep this rule on a stricter ground then many of the people can be saved from getting unemployed. In fact, government should be giving relief to other citizens as well who is not a public servant by any means.

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