How Odd Jobs Affect Your Life as an International Students

All around the world, people are getting very specific about what course shall they take and which university should they apply in and in which part of the world. When you as a student go to some other country to study, you become an international student for that country. You might consider that you have achieved your goals at that moment when you find yourself in your dream country, but this is just one part of reality. You need to realize that you will have to work in order to bear your living expenses. For that, you will need to do a part-time job and sometimes you will need to work on weekends too in order to make ends meet. This is a part of responsible life, but if the job is tiring and laborious, then such odd jobs affect your life as an international student.

There are many reasons behind seeking a job; maybe you want to support your family, or you want to save money or to have professional experience. No matter what is the reason behind, you need to focus on your studies first and think of all other things as secondary. You are a student first and then an employee, so divides your time according to the priorities. If you work a lot and wear yourself out, it can cause serious damage to your health and your studies. Your GPA will decrease which will affect your future career. Remember the job is only a part-time job and you are not to do any work from home. 


Well, odd jobs affect your life as an international student in both positive and negative ways. Every situation has two sides or says we need to see a picture from every angle but sometimes it becomes hard to see a microscopic view of things when what we are focusing on is a bigger picture. You can handle all your worries to us and let us draw a picture for you that will depict the realities from every dimension. For you to think clearly we have divided the structure into two simple parts; merits and demerits of jobs.

Merits: Doing Odd Jobs as an International Student

Part-time jobs build social integrity in the personality of the person and make it easy for the person to handle social relationships and social gatherings with comfort. Experience is not just what you get from the job, there are a lot of things that you build in your personality. You develop the following things in yourself:

  • Self-Reliance: Dependency is that comfort zone from where we do want to come out but never tries to come out. If we just do a simple job, the very first thing that will be removed from our personality is the level of co-dependency. We will be more reliant on ourselves once we have awareness about our unique strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Maturity: You get mature with time. This happens when you are under pressure and still manage to maintain things using different strategies that will save you time. Since you are in a professional environment you will be criticized for sometimes on the work you do, you will learn to channelize the pressure in a better way and you will build patience in yourself that will help you in your life, as well.
  • Practical Skills Lead to Increase in Self Confidence: You will come to many professional tools that you will be able to utilize them in your daily life as well. Practical knowledge of the applications and tools will simplify your life. Once you are very resourceful you will be able to solve your problems and the people around you within no time. Now, this will boost your self-confidence and will help you live a life that is very fulfilled. You will make new friends and you will be able to strengthen your relationship. This will be a life-changing factor for you as it will boost your self-esteem.

Demerits of Odd Jobs: 

There are multiple of job-related factors that have a tendency to ruin your overall experience of living and studying abroad. If you don’t have a good job then try to change it as soon as possible or leave it altogether. How odd jobs affect your life as an international student is something that you must know and we have gathered genuine problems that students face when they do a full-time job and even when they work part-time. 

  • Academic Performance: Many students don’t reach their full potential because they don’t have enough time to give to their studies. Even if they try their best, they wear themselves out and it affects them a lot. Some of the students cannot handle studies and a part-time job together and their grades start falling. It becomes the reason to dishearten them and it feeds on their self-esteem as well. So, it ruins the ideal picture that students have in their minds about themselves. It hurts the self- confidence, too. Part-time jobs should be avoided if they require a lot of human work. International students already have a lot on their plates, they should not do the work or do it twice a week or thrice a week and that too only part-time.
  • Disturb the Routine and brings Dissatisfaction: Part-time jobs consume the important asset that the students only have and that is time. Time is the most crucial part of the entire study process and part-time jobs take it away from international students. Job-related stressors affect their routines. In return, they stop giving assignments on time, or they just don’t give proper attention to their studies to take some time out to breath. They steal time from the study hours because they cannot do that with working hours.
  • They Don’t Get Paid Much: International students don’t get paid much. They are hired on small salary packages because they are naive about the market rates, and needy too. So, they are paid less amount of money that is relatively lesser than the work that they do. 
  • No Grades No Career: Imagine that you are studying a well-renowned subject but fail to get the good grades because you were working. Now, once you go out in the professional life you will not get that good jobs because of your poor grades. Don’t compromise on your grades in exchange for a few dollars. You must keep in mind that studies are always given a priority and if it means no job then it means no job. 

If you are struggling really hard in your life, then manage to save money for rainy days and focus on your studies as this time will pass and you will soon get a better and more reliable job that will match your qualifications as well. Remember that working will only give you money for a time period, but your academic success will earn you long-term respect and career of your choice.

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