How Pakistan can attract more tourists in 2020

The tourism industry in Pakistan keeps on growing. A few decades back, we couldn’t call Pakistan a “safe” state due to the increasing number of terrorist attacks. However, in the recent few years the rate of terrorism in Pakistan has rapidly decreased which has led to attracting more tourists in Pakistan. Pakistan is an ethnically and geographically diverse country and has great cultural heritage sites to be showcased which is why people from all around the world love coming to Pakistan.

Other than this, the northern areas of Pakistan have always been in the headlines for attracting tourists. Another factor that has contributed to the upsurge of tourism in Pakistan is the decision to end the No Objection Certificate issued by the Government of Pakistan which has allowed the tourists to visit certain parts of the beautiful country. The increase in Pakistan’s tourism has really helped Pakistan in maintaining a good international image along with boosting their economy.

Availability of more travel visas

PTI’s Government is all about attracting more tourists in Pakistan to increase its GDP. Recently, Pakistan’s visa policy was revised, and more travel visas were made available to increase tourism in Pakistan. According to this program, travellers from 50 countries can now apply for a travel visa in Pakistan. Furthermore, Pakistan has also offered the facility of e-visa to the citizens of 175 countries which will really help in attracting more tourists to Pakistan in 2020.

An endowment fund for improving tourism

The Government of Pakistan has established an endowment fund of Rs. 1 Billion for the purpose of promoting their unexplored historical and cultural sites. They will be using these funds for improving these sites for attracting both local and foreign travellers.

Amendment in travel policies

Not only Pakistan but other states have always amended their travel policies regarding Pakistan. Portugal has declared Pakistan as a safe state to travel, whereas France has also acknowledged the improved security situation in Pakistan. Furthermore, British Airways has announced to resume direct flights to Pakistan after ten years.

The positive image of Pakistan portrayed by the media

In the past few years, media has really helped in portraying a positive image of Pakistan all across the world, which has helped in giving rise to tourism in Pakistan. The reason why Pakistan had a negative image globally was media, and the same source has helped Pakistan to get a good image all across the world. Pakistan has been ranked as one of the coolest places to visit by Forbes. Pakistan has also been ranked as the world’s top adventure travel destination by the British Backpacker Society which attracted a lot of backpackers to visit the northern areas of Pakistan for camping, hiking, trekking, etc. They also described Pakistan as one of the friendliest countries in the world for their great hospitality. If both the national and international media keep on portraying a positive image of Pakistan on different platforms then it is most likely for Pakistan to attract more tourists in 2020.

CPEC is strengthening Pakistan’s tourism

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor led a lot of Chinese people to travel to Pakistan either if it is for work or any other business activities. Pakistan also received investments in water and hydropower which helped in solving their water scarcity problems and Pakistan will be able to sustain more energy. CPEC has amazingly strengthened Pakistan’s tourism industry by providing them with more opportunities for trade, business and investments. Since the number of Chinese people travelling to Pakistan has increased tremendously, therefore, there is an evident increase in the GDP of Pakistan. Other than this, CPEC has also led to improving Pakistan’s infrastructure which helps in providing easy access to tourists for visiting some great tourist destinations in Pakistan.

Hosting the World Tourism Forum

The World Tourism Forum is held four times a year in different countries for the purpose of uniting tourism leaders. Recently, it has been announced that Pakistan will be hosting the World Tourism Forum next year in May. Organizers of the World Tourism Forum have prepared a great plan for the event to be held in Islamabad next year which is going to help in promoting tourism in Pakistan. Many foreign delegates and professionals would be paying a visit to Pakistan. It will be a five-day forum in which Pakistan’s scenic beauty will be highlighting for attracting more international tourists. It has been announced that eight new resorts would be set up in Baluchistan.

Welcoming tourists with open arms

Good words about Pakistan can really help in attracting more tourists in 2020. Pakistani’s tend to treat and welcome their international guests with love which makes these tourists say good things about Pakistan. Being a tourist in Pakistan, you will witness how kind and helping Pakistanis are. Once they get to know that you are a guest of Pakistan, they will not let you pay for anything. Many bloggers and vloggers from different countries received so much love from the Pakistani public that they couldn’t stop themselves from documenting their experience and asking more people to come and visit Pakistan.