How To Apply For Free Education Admission In Germany

Germany is one of the few countries in the world which provide free education to local and international universities. Free education is only offered in Government institutes while private universities charge fees as usual. Admissions for free education in Germany are open twice a year.

  • First intake is in March/April and universities start accepting applications in October or November.
  • Second intake is in August/September while applications for this semester start in March of the same year.

How to Get Admission in Free Education

StudentsAdmission in free education is open for every student who qualifies the basic criteria. There are many universities which directly accept applications but many top universities deal with uni-assist. Uni-assist is a third party organization which helps international students to get admission in German universities.

Visit uni-assist website.

Here is a list of universities which accepts admission applications via uni-assist.

Here is a link to complete list of tuition free universities in Germany.

How to apply for Germany Student Visa

After you have received an offer letter from a German university, you will need to meet blocked account criteria. This account is necessary to apply for student visa. The amount is blocked to ensure that the student has enough funds to meet their living costs during their stay in Germany. Read full detail, how to open blocked account for a German student visa.

Once you have done with your bank account, apply for a visa.

If you have any question, join forum and ask question for free Germany visa help.