How To Find Cheap Student Accommodation In Australia

Finding cheap and suitable student accommodation in Australia can be a tough task sometimes. Overseas student who is finding accommodation may face many constraints including their budget, distance to their college or university, distance to their work place, distance to amenities, ethnic surrounding and religious places. Most of the Asian students prefer to live close to the markets where they could find Asian grocery items easily.

Most of the accommodations in Australia have all necessary home appliances including laundry, kitchen, secure cooking panel, microwave oven, refrigerator and some even provide free rice. Cost for student accommodation in Australia depends on several factors where the top most is condition and location of property. If you are finding accommodation in North and Eastern Sydney, then it may be costly due to beach views, while you can find much less expensive in Western and Southern Sydney suburbs.

Best way to find accommodation in Australia is state website

student-accommodation-australia-356x333Numerous new listings are added to the website but this website only list for leasing a whole property or unit. If you are looking for sharing option then gumtree is the most suitable way. Gumtree has become very popular during past years. You can select any suburb to find available options. People also use this option to save money on leasing a separate property because here you can find much cheaper property as compares to

New property lease require 4 weeks rent as security deposit and 2 weeks rent in advance. In this way you must have 6 weeks rent with you if you want to get a property. However people offering shared accommodation usually ask for two week bond and 2 week rent in advance. Rule for shared accommodation may vary person to person. Rent for single room in a shared apartment range from AUD 150 to AUD 300. Same rent can be shared between two persons if they are sharing the same room. Rooms with attached bath and balcony may be higher as compared to room using shared bath outside the room.

Australian real estate market has strong security measures.  To lease a property in your name, you would require your valid visa, passport, bank statement or other identification documents.

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