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How to find cheap student accommodation in USA

The us provides one of the best and quality education in the world but surely, the price you pay for it is sky-high. Finding cheap student accommodation in USA is an achievement itself. Suppose your dream of accepting into your desired college is achieved and now you are heading for it. You surround yourself with new people, explore your city and travel within the country. You befriend your classmates and enrich yourself with new culture and vibes of the new place. But as the date of your departure draws near, your worry to find a place to live increases. You shouldn’t panic because there are plenty of resources to find yourself a comfy and cheap accommodation.

There are various options available for an international student in USA to find a living place in the us, most important being the off-campus apartments and on-campus dormitories or accommodation.

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On-campus cheap student accommodation in USA

Most us schools and colleges provide this facility. A dormitory is a large building with several rooms purposely built for the living and sleeping of the students. Two or more students (of the same gender) generally share the room with a common bathroom. A dorm comes in all shapes with catering facilities depending on the university. Some universities will provide a communal kitchen while some require purchasing a meal-plan which then students eat in a shared dining hall. This is rather a secure accommodation also convenient as it will be close to your campus. It is the most popular choice for the freshmen as they get the chance to meet new people and build up their social life. You don’t need to worry about large commuting every day because you will be in the proximity of your campus. It is fun and enjoyable with so many perks but has its own demerits too. With so many people a dormitory is always busy with hustle and bustle, may affecting your studies.

Most universities require an application for on-campus housing to be submitted simultaneously with the study application. The renting and details will be available on the university website in the housing section.

Off-campus cheap student accommodation in USA

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Some universities do not provide on-campus living or in the senior year when you are moving out to find off-campus living. Things can be a little challenging and daunting when you are finding an off-campus place to live. You need to keep many things in your mind before selecting one. Firstly, you need to find a place with cheap renting. This is the most important factor because you would not want to waste your money considering that you need to purchase your food and other amenities as well. The next thing to keep in your mind while looking for a place is the distance from the university. If it is too far you should probably let it go because large commuting every day might not be convenient for you. Also, checking for a good neighborhood is also important. Find a place where you can find other students living by for your ease

http://usa.accommodationforstudents.com/ this is good online source for helping you to find a near-by place. You can visit this to get information on selecting a living for you.

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