How To Secure Employment & Sponsorship After Completing Studies In Australia

Five Australian cities have made it to the list of world’s top thirty student friendly cities so there is no dubiety in Australia catering to a whooping 600,000 international students body, almost making one fifth of the entire Australian student population. English language, stable economy, accepting culture and a large pool of opportunities to grow and develop attracts these international students to work in Australia after graduating. But one cannot simply start working after graduation in Australia, some requirements need to be completed. Australia has a lot of booming industries which means greater job prospects, but the availability of the jobs also depends upon the profession and its demand, and competence of the potential candidate.


The first thing which the international student has to sort out is the visa specifications, visit Australian Immigration website, , explore different options available and choose the best one for you. You can apply for your work visa online as well as in person. The popular choice is Temporary Graduate Visa, which allows you to stay and work for about 18 months, and if you are a post graduate, you may stay up to four years. The benefit of this temporary visa is that you will garner the much needed experience and this will further become your key to secure permanent residency.


Being a fresh graduate and an international student, you may not get hold of a well-paying job for about three to four months, but remember, at this point, your target is to gain experience and work on your shortcomings, not money. A great advice is to start looking for a job while you’re still studying and your student visa has not expired yet. This way you would be able to apply for work visa, while being in Australia, under student visa. Finding work with studies might put you under a lot of pressure, but it will benefit you in the long run. Another tip is to move out of the big cities and look for work in less populated and less cosmopolitan regions. This will save you from unnecessary competition and you’ll also land a job more quickly.


After getting a little know how of the things with working here and there, it’s time you start looking for employers willing to sponsor you. With the sponsorship, you will earn a decent wage and can also apply for permanent residency. The companies and organizations that sponsor international candidates look for those individuals that have some prior experience and this is where your past experience would come in handy. After finding an employer to sponsor, you will have to apply for Employer Nomination Scheme, which will allow you to stay in Australia permanently, as long as you work for that employer.  if you own a degree that is in demand such as medicine, you can also apply for permanent residency through Skill Select Migration program. Through this program, jobs are offered in the regional areas in Australia.

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