IELTS Bands For Australian Immigration

Hi, I am Aswad from Sydney and living here for studies. I am Pakistan national and want to apply for skilled immigration after my studied. Apparently I need 7 bands in each module of IELTS to be eligible for permanent residency. Is there any other way in case I could not score 7 bands in all four IELTS sections? Your help appreciated.


Hi Aswad, getting 7 bands in each part of IELTS is best and easy way to become eligible for Australian permanent residence. However it may be difficulty for non-english speakers to score 7 bands in all four IELTS modules. 7 bands in each module gives you 10 point in immigration application. There are few other ways you can add these 10 points to your application;

  • Demonstrate minimum 3 years experience overseas, Pakistan in your case (5 points)
  • Demonstrate minimum 1 year experience in Australia doing minimum 20 hours per week (5 points)
  • Get state sponsorship, you are living in Sydney so you can apply for NSW state nomination. NSW state nomination is closed at the moment but will open again in July 2014. (10 point)
  • Partner skill qualifications Skilled occupation list (5 points)
  • Demonstrate community language proficiency (5 Points)
  • Professional year in Australia (5 Points)

ielts requirements for Australia visaThere are many misunderstandings among people who want to apply for Australian immigration. One of these is work experience in Australia. People think that they can not claim there part time work in immigration application but the fact is; if you are a student and doing part time work for one year (minimum 20 hours a week), you can claim 5 points in your immigration application.

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