International students’ life: Germany vs Sweden

Coming under the category of one of the top ranked countries, Germany has the best education system. Germany has been known as the country which offers free education to both domestic and international students in its public universities.  If you are pursuing your studies in Mechanical engineering, then Germany is the right haven for you because Germany has a great scope in this very field. Free education is the most attractive thing about this country. Only thing which is or can be considered as a barrier to international students is the language. Not every international student knows the German language. And language is the most important factor that is considered in their educational system. With an attractive pay rate at the work, Germany should be considered to study and work. International student life in Germany would not be easy because Germans don’t speak English much and they don’t have much knowledge about this language, so students must learn German so that they can easily fit in, and find studies and work environment to be understandable.

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Another country known to be doing great in its educational set up is Sweden. The country with most of the humbleness carved within its culture. Sweden is known for its friendly nature, and it is the country rich in its literature work and philosophy. Most of the world’s renowned thinkers are from Sweden. It is a strong platform for studies, and international students enjoy being this lovely country, too. Language is not a barrier because Swedes speak English, too. So in their workplaces and in the universities, language is not a barrier. The only negative thing about Sweden which makes Germany win over it is that Sweden is way much expensive than Germany, and the tuition fee also costs a lot. In Germany, international students don’t pay for tuition, but in Sweden international students have to pay for their tuition. Although both countries are held as the cheapest countries for international students, Germany is less expensive than Sweden. Student’s life in university is a great experience and teachers at the university are pretty helpful, but you need to learn the German language to communicate with them. The spouse visa is not allowed and language proficiency tests like IELTS is a must if you are applying for any Germany university. IELTS is not required in Sweden universities. You can always apply without IELTS and can get admission. Rent payment international students do in Sweden is way more than what international students pay in Germany, but if you really want to study in some specific university of Sweden then you should look up for part-time job to pay for the rent or find some cheap place to live or live in a shared apartment or room to save some money for later. Both countries are exceptional in their education system, but one has the language barrier and other is expensive. If you think you are interested in learning German then Germany is a haven for learners and explorers like you. So keep studying, move forward in life, but then always get your facts right before choosing which country to study.

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