Iran Born Doctor kept Iranian refugee slave for years with Acid Threats

Dr. Ali Farshchi is an Iran born doctor who moved to Melbourne Australia in 2006. He is alleged to keep an Iranian refugee as a slave for years and threatening him of acid attack. Refugee was not getting paid while working upto 14 hours every day of the week. Whenever the worker demanded payment, Dr. Ali Farshchi threatened to kill him. Dr. told him, “I will ask people from the Iranian community to put a plastic bag on his head and throw him in the sea. No one will know.”

Refugee used to start work at 7 am and work until 9 pm, sometimes working until 4 am without any pay. he was working at an Iranian sweet shop co-owned by Dr. Ali Farshchi. He got seizure and collapsed but Dr. Ali Farshchi stopped other workers to call an ambulance and didn’t come to see himself either. Later he told the worker, “If you had died, I would have dissolve you in acid.”

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