June Opie Disability Scholarship & Fellowship in Australia And New Zealand

Disabled students are the students that God has gifted with special qualities. They play a vital role in flourishing the country and making it a better place to live by contributing the country with their best skills like the other people. It is necessarily important that each educational institution and the government should disability scholarship for special students who want to study and research further in advanced fields. Like many other organizations and universities, June Opie fellowship program at the University of Auckland provides the scholarship for the disabled students who are from Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The scholarship is provided to any student who has some special achievements in studies or anything. The basic purpose of providing the disabled students with scholarship is to support them in the matter of studies.
This scholarship is provided only to the students with the disability. The main purpose and aim of this scholarship is to educate the disabled students so that they can become the inspiration for the other disabled students and can teach them in future or take part in politics or any career they want to pursue in their future.


The student is considered eligible for this disability scholarship if:

  • The student is going through any disability.
  • The student has outstanding achievement in studies.
  • Housing scholarship will also be provided to the student if the student is going through any circumstances due to which they are not able to study at their parent’s home.

BENEFIT of June Opie Disability Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded for any program the student is willing to study. The student can study in the university or online. They can apply for both the postgraduate and undergraduate programs. The student will get the scholarship payment for one year either they are studying in the postgraduate or undergraduate program. The basic aim of this disability scholarship is to provide the financial assistance to the special students who wants to study and take higher education and does have outstanding grades in their report. A student will get the accommodation support, tuition fee help and funds for other needs depending on the circumstances.


This scholarship pays NZ$ 12,000 each year for the tuition fee assistance and accommodation assistance. The amount may vary depending on the policy of the panel.

HOW TO APPLY for Disability Scholarship?

You can apply online on the official website of the University of Auckland. We would like to recommend you to check the form before filling and ask the University of Auckland about any of your queries and questions before submitting the form at least six weeks before the application closing date so that any queries and questions can be answered and you can apply and fill the form according to it. You can amend any column you have filled before the closing date. The result if the applications are usually announced after six weeks from the closing date. The closing date is in 31st October every year. Please find details at official scholarship page.

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