Master Degree: How Many Years it takes to Complete a Master Degree

How many years does it take to get a master degree? Master degree duration varies from country to country and even individual institutes. Professionals from certain fields prefer to complete a master degree in order to earn extra and make progress in their organizations. Master degree is one of the best add-ons as continuing professional development. According to research, professionals with a master degree earn 20% higher than their peers without a master degree. Earning a postgraduate degree might be easier as compared to bachelor degree because master degree students have already working experience that helps them to grasp theories in a better way.

Number of Years a Master degree takes

Master degree number of years can be between 1 to 3 for full-time students. Part-time students can spend an even higher number of years to finish their master degree. Postgraduate degree duration can also vary on an individual basis because many modern universities offer an exemption of courses if you have already studies those courses in another course. Certain education fields even offer exemption if you have extensive work experience and understanding of the subjects. This understanding can be a result of vast work experience or a combination of several short courses over a long period of time. This is also called recognition of prior learning (RPL). Australia accepts RPL candidates in professional and trade immigration prgrams.

How many years to get master degree depends on university and country of study

There are 2 major types of master degrees offered by top universities.

  • Master degree by research work involving a higher amount of research work (MS degree)
  • Master degree by coursework mostly contains lectured and short assignments (Master degree)
Type of master degree Country How many years
Master degree by research work (Master of science) USA 2 Years
Master degree by coursework USA 2 Years
Master of Science (MS degree) UK 1.5 Years Full time

2-4 years Part time
Master degree UK 1.5 Years Full time

2 years Part time

Master degree by research work Australia 1.5 Years
Master degree by coursework Australia 2 Years
Master degree Canada 1 to 2 Years

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